5 Ways You Can Feel Rich Now

Being rich really isn’t about the money in the bank. Being rich stems from a feeling. It might sound like a cliche,  but you have to feel rich first to truly be rich. And rich doesn’t need to be about money at all, there’s rich food, and rich colours, and rich fabrics and rich textures and rich tastes. I see rich as a term to describe something delicious and luxurious. 

Earlier this year, I hit a big milestone in my business. I earned a whopping £10,000 in one month. And sure, I was thrilled. But you know what… Honestly? I didn’t feel rich at all. I felt exhausted, and depleted, and experienced a big fat smack of ‘is this it?’ actually. (More on that in another blog post.) But this got me to exploring what being rich really is, for me. And to me: it’s being satiated. Finding little ways in life to feel on top of the world and fulfilled and full up. Living the richest kind of a life. And money helps, oh yes, money really helps. And I love money, because it allows even more of the good stuff. But I honestly believe it doesn’t help until you know how to feel it first. 

I think it’s empowering to earn more money, to want more money and to talk about more money. And yet, I think it’s the most powerful foundation if you can learn how to feel rich without having all the money in the world. Because when you’ve mastered THAT, my goodness is life going to be delicious. With more money as a ripe and juicy cherry on the top! I also know to be true that you have to feel rich first before the money comes in. In Law Of Attraction and manifesting terms: you have to get in the zone before you see your desires manifest. 

So, enough of the rambles. Here are some ways you can start to experience the riches of life, before you even earn an extra penny. (Oh and these will help you earn extra pennies too, by the way!) Win-win-win! 

1. Track The Money That’s Coming Into You 

You have money coming into you all the time, but you might not be noticing it. So start tracking every single treat! It might be a coffee that a friend bought for you, a day out with a big lunch on work expenses, a car park ticket by a nice lady who was leaving early, a shopping total that was less than you expected, a discount on your favourite face cream, a bunch of flowers, a tax rebate, a fiver in last Winter’s coat pocket - all of this lovely stuff is happening to us and coming to us all the time, but we never stop to notice it! 

This is all ‘value’ - just because it isn’t always physical cash, doesn’t mean it’s not worth the same. It’s value added to your life that you didn’t need to spend your money on, and so it’s added riches to you. When you begin to notice it, it’ll flow in even faster. Track every single penny and value that comes to you. After all, if you don’t notice what you already have, why would the Universe bring you more? 

2. Little Upgrades That Uplift! 

A tip shared by the fabulous Denise Duffield-Thomas in her Money Bootcamp is to: make incremental upgrades. What little things in your life make you feel less than your best? And where can you make small changes to uplift you and make you feel rich? 

For example, that pair of off-white enormous baggy pants reserved for periods and fat days, it might be time to let them go. Or that grubby bra you’ve had for years that barely fits? Time to treat yourself to a bra fitting and a lush new one. The toilet seat that wobbles every time you sit down and drives you insane every single day? Get it fixed! (This one has finally been done in my house and oh boy do I now feel like a freaking queen every time!) Matching socks - they genuinely make me feel like I have my shit together. Decluttering - all that stuff that’s weighing you down, physically and mentally, decide to let it go. A tidy life is a tidy mind, so what can you get rid of to make way for new? 

Making these simple uplevels in your life will bit by bit upgrade your entire being! 

3. Taking Rich Actions 

There are certain things that can make you feel rich and abundant and delicious, and they needn’t cost a thing. Some of those things for me are: 

+ Fresh, clean bed sheets. When I’m rolling into my lush, fresh, lenor-filled bed sheets on a Sunday evening, I feel like the richest woman in the world. 

+ Sipping on a delicious herbal tea: rose & ginger teabags from Rituals make me feel all of the rich. They are not only a ridiculous £4.50 for 15 and make me feel like: hey, I’m the kind of girl that has £4.50 posh teabags from Rituals - but also when I’m sipping on this tea I’m just doing that, and that kind of space and time and flavour makes me feel all kinds of loaded. 

+ Ordering room service and eating it in bed - could you GET any richer than that? That seriously feels like such a luxury to me, more than the poshest restaurant could. A waiter bringing your meal to your bed? More of that please! 

+ Having a £50 note in my purse at all times - because hey, you’re always rich if you’re carrying a fiddy! This has been in there for 2 years and I love seeing it every time I open it up! 

+ Eating garlic pasta at an Italian restaurant, and the garlic butter dripping down my chin, and then washing it down with a glass of red. All of the RICH! 

What feels rich to YOU? My version of rich will be different to yours, so think up your own little ways of revelling in richness every day. 

4. Generosity & Giving

There’s nothing that makes me feel fuller than when I can give to someone else. It might be when I send gifts to my clients in the post to welcome them to working together, or sending an unexpected card to a friend, or giving someone a compliment and seeing their face light up, or even something small like commenting on someone’s Instagram post with encouragement and gratitude for their work. It might be smiling to someone in the park, or taking the time to put my phone down and ask someone behind the counter at Tesco how their day is going. What can you GIVE that’s completely free, but fills you with so much abundance? 

5. Change Your Language

This is a big one. Because our language dictates everything. We live in a really privileged society, and chances are, if you were really honest with yourself, you have plenty of money! Instead of saying : “I can’t afford that” - decide that you could afford it (because, really, if you wanted it, you’d find a way to make it happen, like you always do…) but instead, say: “I can afford it, but I’m choosing not to buy that right now.” Can you see how empowering that second sentence is? It takes you out of lack and victim mode, and puts you in a position of power and able to make your own choices. 

Catch yourself when you say ‘I can’t afford it’ and change it. It’s never really ‘I can’t’ and actually ‘I don’t want to’ or ‘I’m choosing not to’ or ‘I could, if I swapped it for this’ or ‘I will, when I’ve done this.” Stop disempowering yourself with this lack language, and put yourself back in the empowered decision making seat. All of that by just changing your language? Yes please! 

So there you go - plenty of ways to add more RICH into your life, now. 

Let me know your ways for adding richness to your life by commenting below! 

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Sophie French