7 Ways To Keep Calm In Your Business Over This Crazy Christmas Period

This time last year, I was heading into a work frenzy oblivion. The lead up to Christmas had me in a manic panic, taking on the most work I’d ever done, and becoming totally burned out and exhausted by the time it came to Christmas Day. 

I shut down my laptop with delight and I’d booked myself out for an entire 2 weeks over the festive period. Which was great, except that when it came to time to switch things back on, I was still way too tired and resentful. 

The brand new year had rolled around, the weeks were ticking by and I was still wiped out. I was overwhelmed by all the ‘New Year New You’ and ‘Let’s make this the best year ever’ and I couldn’t keep up. I shut off my social media altogether. I focused on myself. And finally, by the 2nd week of February, I felt ready to get back up again…

And wow did I beat myself up about it. I mean, because when YOU’RE not OK, how can your business be? And after all, when you’re at the centre of your business, experiencing a blip in the system can feel like a major worry. 

But I learned A LOT of things, including that of course I was going to be burned out, I’d been burning the candle at both ends for a long time. And once I stopped, I seriously dropped. So I wanted to share a few of my biggest lessons with you today, as we head towards the craziest time of the year, in the hope that you don’t have to go through any of that, and can be fully prepared for an easy breezy time of rest and New Year reboot, too. 

1. Remember What Works For YOU. 

While there are a million and one social media notifications telling you what you need to do and not do to make 2018 your best year yet, don’t forget to check in with what you actually want. Nobody knows you like you do. And while it’s easy to get swept away with the noise, bring it back to what works for YOU is key in staying sane. 

2. Acknowledge How Far You’ve Come

It can often feel like you’re never quite ‘keeping up’ (whatever that means, right?) That everyone else out there is doing more, or better...but it simply can’t even bare a comparison. You don’t know anyone’s behind the scenes, the same way no-one knows yours, so there’s never a true comparison. There’s no ‘success police’ that will let you know you’re ‘keeping up’, so as long as you’re following YOUR version of success, you’re exactly where you need to be. 

(If you want to explore how far you've come, and explore a plan of what's head, and crush some limiting beliefs in your head while you're at it, my 5 part email course 'Life On Purpose, Not Auto-Pilot' is for you.

3. Be OK With Not Getting It All Done

It can certainly feel like a race to the 'finish line' and we can get a bit grabby with the things we're 'yet to achieve'. But y'know what, what if it's OK that you didn't tick off every single little thing you set out for. Be open to the possibility that, if it hasn't happened yet, maybe the Universe has something better planned. If you didn't get it done, maybe it's because a greater idea is on its way. If you didn't hit your goal, maybe it's because you had a whole lot more to learn first. Decide what you want, and then let it go. See what happens. Loosen your grip. 

4. Plan In Your Time Off

Make a commitment to yourself and your clients NOW about the time you’re taking over Christmas. Send the relevant emails you need to to let people know you won’t be available. Schedule it into your calendar. Block out your appointments. Reschedule anything that might get in the way. Make your time off non-negotiable. You bloomin' well deserve it. 

5. Remove Your Emails From Your Phone

This tip was the absolute dream for me. In fact, I removed the Gmail app from my phone this time last year, and I never put it back since! This means I get to be in control of when I check my emails, and can allocate certain times of the day in which to do so, so that I’m not ruled or dictated by my inbox. Promise this one’s a game changer! 

6. Don’t Overwhelm Yourself With Thoughts Of The Entire Year Ahead

When you try to plan out your entire year ahead, it can be totally overwhelming, and you might end up doing a biiiiig fat nothing. Instead, simply look forward to the next 90 days. Where would you like to be then? What would you like to have achieved? What’s one goal you’d like to have accomplished? And focus all your attention on THAT. This helps to break your big goals down into smaller ones rather than making a list of ‘all the stuff’ you want to complete in the next 365 days and bursting your poor ol’ brain! 

7. Remember It’s Just The Same As Another New Month

Of course it’s tradition that the minute January 1st rolls around, you’re supposed to make plans as to how you’re going to radically transform your entire life, eradicate all of your bad habits and finally become a perfect human. Only to realise yet again: oh yeah, not going to happen. Remember to treat the New Year as simply another new month - making change is great, yet simple steps and small transitions are what build the greatest foundations and make your goals achievable. 

How are you feeling about the Christmas chaos and the pressure of a 'brand new year'? Are you feeling it creep up, or totally handling it?! Leave me a comment below to let me know! 

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