4 Steps To A Solid Social Media Strategy

Once I've written the website copy for my clients, it's only natural they'd want to drive more people to their website to see it! They often want to do this via social media, but come to me with questions because they don't know where to start or what to post in order to build an engaged community and drive traffic to their online home.

That's why I've put together these hot and handy tips for you, to help you get your social media presence oozing with goodness that people want to follow, providing a perfect balance of stunning visuals with curated + valuable captions, AND that effectively reflects the personal-ity in your personal brand. 

1. Decide on a platform you’re going to share your work on first and foremost. 

We live in a world of social media overload, and it feels like we have to be on every single platform at every single time. We don’t. Work out the social media platforms you want to be using (a great guide to which platforms your customers are using can be found here) and then put your focus and attention on to that platform only. Get really great and make an impact on that platform first, rather than spreading yourself thin by trying to be everywhere. 

2. Make an action plan. 

If you rely on your head to be bursting with sparkling information to create social media posts spontaneously and creatively each day, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. Creating an action plan for your social media content allows you to be really strategic about what you post, which enhances your chances of making sales. You want to use a combination of promotions, your values, philosophies and adventures, value advice and tips. 

3. It’s a visual space

Whilst it’s so tempting to post about every single thing you do, from your piece of jam on toast to your Saturday night out, your social media is visual, and you want to create something aesthetically pleasing for your peeps. Use light, bright shots (avoid dark evening light) and choose a theme of colours to stick to. If you get a bit carried away with colour, head to https://www.design-seeds.com - it’s so useful for helping you to pick a variety of colours that work together to create a gorgeous theme for your brand. Then, when you know your colours, use your Pinterest board to collect a stunning collection of images that work together and portray your brand (a mixture of your own images and images from the web is ideal). 

[Credit photos where you can - it’s a great way to build relationships with those whose pics you share, and helps to promote other small business too.] #communityovercompetition

4. But what you say matters too

The captions you put on your images are just as important as what’s in the pictures! People know when you’re posting for the sake of posting, whilst captions that are carefully curated tend to get a whole lot of love. Decide how you want to come across? Is it funny, witty, a little bit cheeky, straight-up, bold as brass, vulnerable, or just plain human - and then experiment with your voice. (I often open a Google Doc, decide on various content I want to talk about or take inspiration from my chosen images, and play about with writing a mixture of captions, before a quick-fire edit and hitting that Done button!)


1. Decide on ONE platform to master first and make that work for you before moving on to another

2. Create an action plan by first deciding on 5 themes you want to include in your social media strategy: (e.g. Top tips for your clients about your industry, Your Adventures + Philosophy, Promotions about your products / services, Inspirational quotes about business, posts about your blogs / features / testimonials / videos / other content...)

3. Decide on your brand colours and create a Pinterest board full of stunning on-brand images via free stock photo websites such as unsplash.com / jaymantri.com as well as your own photography and graphics. 

4. Let the photos you’ve chosen inspire you to write your post on your chosen themes - asking: how will this content help a potential client? How will this content help a client get to know me? Why is this important for my client to know? How might this inspire my client? (Or whatever the key objectives of your social media are!) 

Sophie French