The Tools I Use To Run My Business (When I Didn't Feel Like Running It At All)

Here’s the thing: business isn’t always easy. It can be a rollercoaster - even when you’re on the highest of highs, the fastest dip or unseen loop the loop is enough to get your stomach in a spin. 

When the inevitable twists of life happen, business can naturally be affected. It can be very closely intertwined after all, especially if you A) work from home, and B) have a personal brand. 

I found this very apparent in January this year, when business was booming, but family life took a hit. Luckily I'd put into place some tools that have saved my ass when life has crept up on me like this, when my monkey mind has come to stay for a week or so, or when I just needed that little thing called a rest…

Here they are my loves >>> 

1. Planning & Scheduling My Social Media Content: 

This has been the biggest life-saver because - confession time - I don’t have witty one-liners up my sleeve or the time to whip up intelligent well-crafted sentences on a whim three times a day every day. I’m holding my hands up and sharing that, even though I’m a copywriter and thrive on said well-crafted sentences, my priority during the week is crafting them for my clients, which means my own marketing falls way down the list.

Creating a bank of on-brand images and value-driven content to share has been the best thing I’ve done for my business this year. It keeps me consistent, and it keeps me creative, particularly helpful for when those creative wells seem to have dried up for a few days. (Because, yep, it happens.) 

The Tools: I use a simple Google Docs Sheet to write my content, I save the images in my drafts on Instagram, and I use to schedule them in! 

2. A Marketing Email Funnel

Holy wow has this been a game-changer. This is an email chain that is delivered to my email subscribers when they opt-in for some free content I’ve created. I spend a few hours while setting it up to make sure it’s carefully crafted and provides a ton of value to my subscribers, and then it’s DONE and runs on auto-pilot every time someone signs up. This means that I’m showing up and giving wisdom to my community, but I don’t have to be there doing it manually. So if I need to skip a week of content, I know my email funnel is still doing the work for me.

The Tools: I use Mailchimp to create and schedule my email automated emails, LeadPages to create my opt-in forms. 

Want me to write your email funnel FOR YOU? Get in touch to see how I can help:

3. Using a scheduling system to book in my client calls.

Long gone are the days of back and forth emails to try and figure out a time that suits you both. Ask your client to pop in a time that suits them in your available calendar slot, and you're good to go! 

The tools: I use Acuity Scheduling.

4. Working on my Mindset, again, and again, and again. 

Because the thing is: our minds are incredibly powerful tools. They can help us, or they can hinder us, and we’re in the drivers seat as to which way it goes.

I’ve learned that there ARE times when things feel tough, and you forget why you’re doing business at all, but there are also way more times when it’s the most exhilarating experience ever and you wouldn’t switch it for the world. What I’ve learned most of all is that finding a way that works for you to get back in the game is essential. But before doing that, it’s learning to be OK that you won’t be ON at all times. 

We’re women, and we ebb and flow - our moods, our cycles, our creativity. We’re never just ONE thing, we’re a roller-coaster of wonder, and the sooner we can accept that and harness the power of any mood, and stop punishing ourselves for not being ‘the most motivated person in the world at every given moment,’ the sooner we can relax and let the good thoughts flow. 


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To be OK with not being ON at all times (& trusting it's gonna get better) - - > some words of wisdom from Abraham Hicks. (Warning: A whole ton of woo included) 

For remembering to keep showing up and WHY - - > Beyonce, obvs. Especially THIS.

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