5 Ways To Create Clients Now

Something many of my clients share with me is that they think they have to DO SOMETHING ELSE before they can start creating clients and earning money. Something else like...

Get another qualification. 
Have 1 million followers on Instagram. 
Build their email list into the thousands. 
Start a Facebook group. 
Be active 24 hours a day on every single social media platform ever invented. (Apart from MySpace, because, RIP.) 
Have an all-singing all-dancing website. 

And while all of that is GREAT, and will absolutely help you to create more clients and money, for dream holidays and taking off Fridays, the good news is you don’t have to do any of these things before creating clients that pay you. YAY! 

These are all long-term strategies, that are awesome foundations. But the thing with all of the above, is that even then, we’re still just kind of sitting there on top of our pile of followers, essentially waiting for them to knock on our door and hand us their credit card. And we know it doesn’t work like that.

We have to be knocking on some doors.

Less like a nerdy charity worker who guilts you into spending £7 a month for all of eternity on a charity you’re not sure even exists. But more like the hot neighbour that just moved in and brings you a basket of spinach and feta parcels and says: “there’s more where they came from” with a wink. Okay, maybe not as creepy as that. 

But you get the picture? And can see the hot man armed with oozing feta parcels? (Soph, enough with the creepy already!) 

So if you want to press the ‘client creating & money making’ button and activate an influx of new business, like, today, here are some ideas for you: 

1. Contact previous clients with a new offer. 

Previous clients are the perfect place to start, because they already know all about you. They already know what you do, they already know that you’re great, they’ve already invested in you. So get back in touch with them, reconnect and reignite a conversation. Let them know what you have going on, ask them how they’re doing. If you think specifically about how you could support them, have seen what they’ve been up to and have a specific service / package (or are happy to create one) then let them know that you’re thinking of them! How gorgeous would that feel to have someone personally create something specifically for you? 

2. Make a list of the people that have mentioned to you before that they’re be really interested in working with you.

I often meditate on this, and get really quiet, which helps me to recall all kinds of people that have been in touch or I’ve spoken to but never got round to following up with (slap my hand!) You could also take a look through your Facebook friends, email contacts, Instagram messages, to remind yourself who has taken an interest in your work! Then ask yourself: who would I LOVE to be working with? 

Who are the people that have expressed an interest in working with you? Who would you love to work with? And go ahead and reignite a conversation, and let them know whaat you have going on that they may be interested in. Make this personal of course, for example "Hey NAME, how has it been so long? How are things going? I remember you mentioning you were interested in X, and I wanted to keep you updated with how I could help you. I’d would absolutely love to explore where you might need support right now, if this is something you’d still be interested in? Let me know and we can grab a virtual cuppa and chat! <3"

This is starting a conversation, building a relationship and letting people know you’re open to work. 

We’re all so busy and bombarded with all of the things, that by making it as easy as possible for someone to get in touch with you, by getting in touch with them first, is the dream! Often it will spark a "I’ve been meaning to get in touch!” reply! 

3. Offer a discount or special offer for a limited time only. 

Let people know that this offer is available to boost a sense of urgency. It helps people who have been on the sidelines to make the decision for something they’ve been thinking about anyway! It’s that extra incentive to make the move and pay for the services!

4. Create a referral scheme.

Let previous clients or friends know that they can earn a 10% commission for anyone they refer to you who signs up to work with you. That’s free money in their pocket just for them letting people know how brilliant you are. Word of mouth and referral marketing is always the most powerful, so this is a brilliant way to get the ball rolling and to give people an incentive to get the word out about you. 

5. Ask for the sale! 

This might sound obvious, but when was the last time you actually let people know how they could work with you, or said ‘would you like to go ahead?’ We often think it’s enough to put the offer out there and hope for the best, but as I’ve mentioned earlier people are busy, and bombarded with all of the things, and are having to make so many decisions all the live long day. Make it easy for your customers to buy from you by saying: ‘here’s how you can do that.’ Help them make their decision, they’re looking for guidance and next steps - be the leader and show them the way! 

You’re very resourceful when you put your mind to it, so what else might you do to create money right now? Remind yourself of your desires, and get to work! 

If you’d prefer to watch me chat about this, you can do that on the video I recorded over HERE.

Action step: choose ONE of the above and action it! Go on, you know you can do it! 

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