Do You Need To Niche? Here's My Take On The N Word...

When you’re first starting out, you feel like you want to be everything to everyone. You create a whole bunch of services and things you can offer ‘just in case’ anyone wants them. 

But you know the problem with that? 

It’s vague, forgettable, and it’s the same as everyone else. 

So how do you make yourself different? Get specific. 

You hear it everywhere right? ‘Find your niche.’ But it’s everywhere for a reason - because it’s so important! 

I know it’s scary because you feel like: but what about all thoseeee other people who might want something I can provide?

But you don’t need all thoseeee people who may or may not want something you can provide. You need a few people who want exactly what you’ve got and want it now! 

Let’s take a vegan restaurant for example. 

They’re not thinking: but what about all the meat-eaters who won’t be coming. 

They’re thinking: yes but what about those people who are vegan, want vegan food, and want it now! 

They’re all going to be heading to the vegan restaurant. 

While the meat-eaters will be going to their share of one billion other restaurant chains. 

So you see what a niche does? It makes you stand out to the people who are looking for exactly what you’ve got. It all but eradicates the competition. 

When I was doing lots of copywriting projects, I niched down to ‘Wow Factor Website Copy’ - if you wanted an entire website of copy written, or your copy overhauled on your website - I was your go-to gal! 

Then I got even more specific: “Wow Factor Website Copy For Coaches!” 

I quickly became known in the coaching industry as the go-to gal. And that’s a lot of friends referring to friends. 

Sure I could write newsletters, sales pages, sales funnels etc etc. But yawn, so can other copywriters. Also, there was nothing stopping me from providing these as next step services for the clients I already had after I’d written their website copy! (Which I most certainly did!) 

So you know what else niching did? It helped people to know exactly what I could help them with, and most importantly: it made it easy for them to refer me to others! 

My marketing ran itself because I made it so easy for other people to share what I did. 

Whenever someone in a Facebook group, or a networking meeting, mentioned what they were looking for someone to help them with the copy on their website, guess where all fingers and recommendations pointed? Over here, at me! Hi! EVEN people who hadn’t worked with me before and didn’t even know if I was any good recommended me - because people like to be helpful, and I was forefront of their mind for the specific request.

So if you’re a social media strategist, why not focus on social media for social media strategists who are too busy with clients to do their own social media?

If you’re a personal trainer, why not focus on brides who want to get into their wedding dress this Summer?  

If you’re a nutritionist, why not be a nutritionist specifically for women who have just had a baby?

If you’re a photographer, why not be a photographer specifically for beauty bloggers? 

If you’re a travel agent, why not be a travel agent for people who are travelling to Bali? 

The objective is to get so specific that when you tell people what you do, they say one of two things: “I need that!” OR “I know someone who needs that!” 

Action Step: It’s time to get specific! What do you want to be known for? What do you MOST enjoy doing in your business? And just focus on sharing THAT for the next 30 days. 

(This doesn’t have to be forever, because you can always pivot and try something else afterwards, but having a focus like this means you know what to talk about, share and promote all month through! And most importantly: people will easily be able to refer you and what you do, too.) 

Sophie FrenchComment