Assume The Best. Always.

Let’s talk about what’s going on in your mind. Because all the money know-how, desiring, price raising and marketing strategy in the world won’t help you if you don’t learn to wholeheartedly back yourself, instead of attack yourself!  

You see, here’s one of the big things I see holding people back in their business, and life, actually: assuming the worst of a situation. 

But it’s time to change that personal mantra to: assume the best. assume the best. assume the best. 

You can’t afford not to. 

Let’s face it: you can’t actually know for sure what anyone is thinking or feeling, even if they tell you! So why do we waste our time jumping to conclusions about what people may or may not be thinking? And why do we always make it so damn bad? 

If you’re going to make it all up anyway, wouldn’t you be better off making up something that actually feels good, rather than something that makes you want to curl up in a chocolate-induced coma never to be seen again? 

Let’s take this common example, for example: 

A client has expressed an interest in working with you. You send them the details / send them a link to book a call / send them the link to pay.

And then: radio silence. Nada. Not a peep. 

What you could conclude from this is: 

“OMG they think my prices are too high.” 

“They thought I was being too pushy - that’s it, they hate me!” 

“They’ve seen straight through me and know I’m a total fraudster who is winging this whole damn thing.” 

Sound familiar? 

Naturally, these kind of thought patterns can send you into a frenzy of feeling like (technical term): a bag of crap. 

And what happens when you feel like a bag of crap? Well you certainly don’t much feel like reaching out to new clients, or sharing what you do, 

But here’s the good news: because you can’t actually KNOW what they’re thinking, you get to decide what you think they’re thinking. 

And because of that, instead of torturing or tormenting yourself over how much they might hate you, why not make something up that ACTUALLY feels good and allows you to continue functioning like the kick-ass business owner that you are. 


“They must be super busy!”
“They probably totally love it and are figuring out a way to jump aboard!” 
“I’ve given them all the info they need, and that’s all I can do!” 

Because the different meaning we put on things - the different way we behave. 

And this is the difference between, curling up in a ball and declaring business is closed. Or sending that all-important follow-up, reach out or checking in note.

Which brings us on to: 

Sending the follow-up note! 

People ARE busy. Bombarded with all of the things, all of the time. And sometimes, most of the time, they need a gentle nudge in the right direction! 

“But what if they think I’m being pushy?” 

Again: assume the best.

And secondly: make this about THEM, not about you. 

You’re here to help them right? And they reached out with you to express an interest in your help. 

So come from THAT place when you’re following up. 

When you assume the best, you can act from the best place: helping your clients! 

And you know what also gets busy people moving? Urgency! 

When you give them a reason to reply, like, now. 

Here’s a little script you might like to try to team following up with urgency: 

Hey NAME, 

As you know, I absolutely LOVED speaking to you / seeing your name pop up in my inbox / and I wanted to check in on what thoughts you’d had about X I sent over? When would you like to activate the magic making? 

There are only X spots available for this for the next X months, and I’d love to reserve one of those for you so we can get started in speedy time, as I know you mentioned you were: (in a rush / good to go / excited to get started…make it personal here.) After X date however (say, in like three days) I’m obligated to release this time slot, so hit ‘reply’ to this email to let me know you’d like to go ahead and we can get the ball rolling. 

Can’t wait to hear from you! 

- -

See how easy and lovely that is, while also giving a little nod to the fact that: Hey, I’m a busy person too, how about kicking off that awesome we discussed? 

This should be enough to prompt a response either way, so you know what’s going on. 

And look: if you still get blanked - which tooooootally happens, btw, all of the time. Then that’s OK. Assume the best: they’re not ready yet, they’ve had something else come up, they’ll come back to you at a time that better suits them. 

But remember, all in good time, my pretty. All in good time. 

Action Step: Who can you follow up with right now? How can you pop your name and work back to the top of an ideal client’s mind? Who can you help?Assume the best, and send the follow-up email! 

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