Controlling Your Daily Mind-ometer

If there’s anything that is the absolute priority in running a business: it’s taking care of your mind and strengthening your mindset. 

It’s learning how to back yourself, instead of attack yourself. 

Let’s face it: running a business is not the ‘easy’ way. While the rewards are absolutely epic (i.e. work in your pyjamas, holidays on your own accord, running your own schedule) it takes showing up and being in charge of yourself every single day.

And where your mind is at plays an integral part in this. 

Our emotions are uppppp and downnnn, right? We’re these funny little human beans with a plethora of feelings, and a lot of the time we just don’t know how we’re going to be feeling from one day to the next. So of course, if we were to rely on ‘seeing how we feel’ we’d quite literally get nothing done, and watch Netflix all the live long day, and be completely inconsistent with just about everything.

Yet this is how a lot of people DO run their business. By seeing how they feel and hoping for the best. 

And THAT is quite simply the road to strugglesville.

So how do you ensure you can get business done no matter what?

Ensuring that you feel really freaking good before you start your day. Every. Single. Day.

If you’re starting your day by checking your emails before you’ve even had your morning wee for example, you’re instantly giving out your energy to others, getting bombarded with work and filling your mind with other people’s thoughts and opinions, before you’ve even had time to check in on your own thoughts and opinions!

And the way you start your day generally sets the tone for its entirety. 

You know this to be true, right? You drop your toast face down on the floor after you’ve stubbed your toe on the end of the bed, you declare it’s going to be one of those days...and then it is! 

So decide it’s going to be one of those GOOD days, every day, and keep your mind in a great place. 


Commit to doing something that makes you feel good every single morning before you check your phone or give your energy to anyone else. 

For me, this is meditation, a walk/swim, and listening to a mind-boosting audio.They are absolutely non-negotiable for me, and I know that if I don’t do them one morning, I feel so frazzled for the rest of the day. 

You might want to dance to your favourite tunes. Or go for a run or to a yoga class. Or read through your very best customer testimonials. Or write in your journal. Or read a book with your morning cuppa. 

Taking this time out for YOU in a morning, before you go out and take on the rest of the world, is absolutely essential. It doesn’t have to take forever - if you only have ten minutes right now, use them wisely. 

Action Step: Create a ‘feel good menu’ for yourself of things that make you feel GREAT! Write down at least 10 things, stick it somewhere you can see it, and choose ONE delicious things from your menu each morning to help you get set for success. 

5 minutes of THIS powerhouse, certainly does it for me.

“There are a lot of things we need: one of these needs is that for the mind to work for you for the whole day, it must be fresh and clear; it must be made livable. That is why it’s a requirement to rise early in the morning when nobody can disturb you, when you can be yourself.” - Yogi Bhajan

P.S. You can access a whole collection of power-boosting meditations, visualisations and pep talks I created just for you, to provide you with a mega-dose of confidence every morning! You can find them over here! 

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