Don’t Stop Believing... [A Pep Talk]

Once upon a time, or, like, three years ago, there was a flame-haired young woman trying her hand at this business thing (it was me, you guys!) 

Sitting in her cold office in her parent’s garage, she was counting up the £25, £36, £58 payments she’d charged for projects that month (!!!) 

She sobbed and spluttered into her boyfriend’s face, as together they worked out she’d earned a pitiful £7,000 in her first year in business, and she questioned how she was ever going to make it work. 

She had to make a decision there and then: she’d slink back to her corporate job with her tail between her legs. Or she’d do whatever it took to make it happen.

Today, she’s sitting by the pool in Bali, coaching clients over the phone, planning workshops, retreats and exclusive client days for the Summer. She’s earned double that first year’s annual income in the last three months while working by the beach. 

And she wants to tell YOU, that it’s absolutely freakin’ possible to build and grow a business that pays, buys dream holidays and lets you take off Fridays. 

I know how it feels to not feel like you’re going or growing as ‘quickly’ as others. But when you remember the only person to compare yourself to is the you of the past, you can continue to get to work for the you of the future. 

"It's not about being better than anyone else. It's about being better than I used to be." -- Wayne Dyer

I wish I could have given that girl a crystal ball, to show her we've absolutely got this! To tell her of the experiences she'll have and the things she'll do and the people she'll meet along the way. But obviously that would ruin all of the fun!

I wish I could tell her not to worry so much. That it's all unfolding in perfect time. But of course, the only thing I can do is to start now, to remember that and to tell her every day - "stop worrying so much, it's all unfolding in perfect time, we've got this."

And that’s what you can remind yourself of everyday too:

Stop worrying so much
It’s all unfolding in perfect time
You’ve got this 

Keep going, okay? I promise it will be worth it. Follow these strategies, look after your mind, do more of the things that bring you joy, work on building up your worthiness cup every single day, get whatever support you need to make it work...

And never, ever, for a moment, stop believing.

P.S. I now pronounce you ready to take on the world!

Sophie FrenchComment