Say Hello To More Time & Energy!

Here’s the thing, when it comes to creating FREEDOM in your business - which means it pays, buys you dream holidays and lets you take off Fridays - automation should be high on your list of priorities. 

As a business owner, you’re generally a one-woman band, usually doing all or most of the things. And that’s why it’s SO important that you’re automating as much as you can.

The question to be constantly asking: how could I make this process easier?

Because when your processes are tightened, you get so much time and energy back to focus on the things you love! And to focus on those all important dream clients of course! And to take off Fridays - yay! 

So here are a few of the online resources, tools and automations I use that help me run my business, and that I very very highly recommend! 

1. Acuity Scheduling 

Having a client calendar that is synced with your own calendar will give you back SO much of your time. You will no longer have to have those never-ending email back and forths: “I can do Tuesday at 4pm.” “No sorry I can’t do that, how about Thursday at 9am?” “Nope, can’t do that!” - Gah! Aint’ nobody got time for that. Think of all the email admin you cut down. Plus, you can embed your acuity calendar into your website - which means clients can book on in, without relying on you to be there to email them to arrange. Get Acuity Scheduling here. 


As I mentioned earlier in the course, scheduling your social media in advance is a total life-saver. It saves you from all those days of thinking ‘What the hell do I say today?’ before you get lost in a spiral of what everyone else is saying today and then realise it’s 3pm and you’ve not done a thing. 

I use - as it also lets you see what your posts will look like on your Instagram grid, and you can switch them around so they look aesthetically hawt! 


If you’re in business of any kind, you’re going to want to have a contract. Contracts are VERY sexy, because they let everyone involved know what to expect and what the deal is, which means everyone can relax and have fun, with those all important boundaries firmly in place for ‘just in case.’ 

I use which is an electronic contract signing system. You upload your contract, pop in your client’s email address, and hit send - it sends it straight through to them and notifies you when they’ve looked at it and signed it. Boom! No more contract chasing - you can remove that from your mental energy drainer! 

4. Google Docs 

Whether you’re an avid user of Google Docs already, or haven’t ever used it - you need to! Google Docs allows you to create a document, and give other people access to view or edit it. Long gone are the days of saving a document, sending it back, only for the other person to have to do the same and send it back again - yikes! It’s the 21st Century, let’s get to it!

5. Paypal Buttons 

Giving your customers a way to pay directly through your site makes buying from you really easy, and therefore makes sales more likely. Winning! You can embed paypal code into your website so you have a paypal button. Naturally Paypal takes a little fee, but I incorporate this into my business costs for the fact it makes things so easy. 

6. Email Automation 

Scheduling and automating your emails is an amazing way for you to plan your content in advance and know it’s under control, even when you’re not there! I use mailchimp for email automation, it’s super easy to use and has all the templates in place so you can simply pop in your text and the images you want to use. 

7. Hiring a VA 

This has been a real life-saver for me. I create so much content and I’m always thinking of new things to share, but it’s the consistency piece I often struggle with and also not having the time to share it on all my important platforms (or actually, wanting to do that) - so outsourcing these kind of tasks have been such a time and energy saver for me! When you’ve got someone taking care of a few things behind the scenes, you can focus on your STRENGTHS and being in YOUR ZONE of awesome. It’s OK to say, hey I’m not the best at that bit, or I don’t LIKE doing that, and handing it over to someone else. 

8. Evernote 

You know how you have a million notebooks and a million ideas scribbled down in all of them? And you never quite know where you put that particular scribble? And whenever you go out or away anywhere you wish you could take ALL of the notebooks to make sure you have every idea you’ve ever had with you in case you want to put it into action there and then. This is where Evernote comes in. You can keep all your notes, thoughts and ideas electronically on this little app, and they sync to your laptop AND your phone, which means you always have all your awesome ideas with you everywhere you go. Not another notebook in sight. 

Unless it’s a beautiful Chroma Stationery one, obvs ;) 

Or a Danielle La Porte Desire Map. 

Or a Daily Greatness Business Planner. 

Okay so notebooks still rule. But Evernote will keep all your brilliance in one handy place. 

So there you have it - 8 of my behind-the-scenes automation tools that tighten up those irritating time saps and make life easy breezy! 

Action Step: take a look through your current processes and see where they could use some tightening up to save yourself time and energy. Then, decide what you’re going to do with that extra time and energy you have. Got an hour back you could spend on cooking a delicious evening meal instead of relying on peanut butter on toast come dinnertime? Enjoy! 

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