Shake Up Your Copy So It Brings All Your Customer To The Yard

The way we ‘market stuff’ and the way we 'consume stuff' has changed.

In fact, a whole new age is emerging that’s transforming the way we do business altogether.

As consumers (which we all are) we've now become super switched on to when people are trying to sell to us, and we don’t like it.

What does turn us on though, and has us wanting to part with our money quite happily, is when we feel like we have a connection with a person/brand, when we feel like we know them and when we feel like they ‘get’ us. (Yep, it’ all about feelings and emotions - we’re getting soft in our old but new age.)

It’s no longer about what our business can do, but how we make people feel. (And what evokes feelings better than carefully crafted words?)

That’s why it’s super important to write content that makes your audience feel things! That’s what’s going to make them listen up and jump right in! 

When I asked around to my clients, and members of my Members Community The Crush The Can’t Club, here’s what came up as the biggest struggles when it comes to writing for yo’ brand:

I don’t want to sound like a legal academic. 10 years in academia means I default to Very Serious Writing.

I try to write "as me" but always worry that it doesn't sound interesting or funny. 

I think some people just have it and some don't. I don’t! 

Taking an essentially dull subject (accounting & tax) and making it accessible and interesting!!

And I get it, I really do. 

After all:

You want your people to see that your shining personality is pretty god damn dazzling, but you feel blinded by the need to show professionalism - which you’ve been led to believe throughout your entire school life means using big words, long sentences and a formal style.

Here’s the thing: we’re not writing essays for our English teachers anymore (hurray!)

And, I have some really simple and powerful steps in my nerdy wordy toolkit to help you shake up your words, and bring your customers to the yard...

1. Write like you speak!

When you’re sitting down to write your copy, talk aloud about what you want to say, and imagine you’re just chatting to a friend about it over a cup of tea (or even better, actually chat to your friend about it over a cup of tea) and record it.

Get familiar with the language you use when you’re speaking and then practise writing in that way.

You’ll probably find the way you speak is quite different to the way you feel like you *should* write - but that’s cos’ we’ve been conditioned to be all formal and proper when it comes to writing, especially in business. But sound the alarm cos’ the shackles are off - here’s your permission to write like you speak.

2. Use Contractions.

For an instant conversational tone, use contractions in all of your copy (no, not the stomach crunching pregnancy type contractions), these…

You will - You’ll
You are - You’re
She is - She’s
They will - They’ll
It is a fabulous copy tip - It’s a fabulous copy tip

It’s a super simple change to make, yet massively ups your casual chatty tone.

3. Use metaphors and similes to add fun, humour and relatable references! 

Using fun similes and metaphors relative to your audience is a simple way to be descriptive and inject humour into your copy:

Simile - Trying to write awesome copy might feel as tricky as explaining the concept of paddle board yoga to your Grandma, but using these simple tools will instantly fuel your words with personality.

Metaphor - If you follow these simple writing tricks, your copy will be hotter than THAT scene from The Notebook.

4. Share A Story! 

Sharing a story through your copy makes it far more relatable, engaging and memorable. If you were dogsitting for my pet pooch for example, and I told you not to feed him any snacks, you might well forget and drop him a sneaky biscuit. But if I told you a story about his explosive diarrhoea that blasts the snack-giver whenever he eats anything other than dog food, likelihood is you’d remember it..

So how can you add this tip into your business? Well, for example, instead of just saying what your service can do for someone, share a story about where your client was at when they first started working with you, and where they’re at now. (With their permission, of course.

Check the difference between: 

“I can help you get rid of your money blocks so you can make more money.” 


“When my client Amy first came to me, she wasn’t making any money. She was lugging around this belief that ‘it’s rude to talk about money’ - and she was avoiding sales calls as a result. Together we uncovered this belief came from a time when Amy was little and asked her Dad’s boss how much he earned. Ouch! She was told then that it’s rude to talk about money - and there it was, the belief that’s been holding her back for forever. Through our first session together, Amy created a more empowering new belief: it’s safe to talk about money. And the evidence? It’s in the £5k she made this month. Woop!” 

5. Show don’t tell - and activate the senses!

Paint a picture through your words of how your client will feel when you work together. Instead of describing the process and telling what will happen, show it!

For example, here’s what I could say about a Magic Activation VIP Day with me: 

I’ll help you get really clear on what you want for your life and business, so you can reactivate your enthusiasm and feel good feelings for what’s ahead. You’ll leave the session with clarity, confidence and practical action steps to take straight away to start leaning into your dreamy life & biz.

And it sounds alright. But it might have made your eyes glaze over. You’ve heard it all before, right? 

So how about:

Get ready to moonwalk out of your immersive day radiating with a glow that says 'get outta my way, people!', a calendar full of tummy-flip exciting next steps, teamed with a voice in your head that says 'YOU GOT THIS!' and the sass in your step to match. 

Now that you want in on, huh? 

(Oh and by the way, you can get in on that kind of Magic Activation VIP Day over here for a crazy-ridiculous price for a limited time only. Shameless plug.

Action Step: Take a look through your website / blog post / social media and see where you can incorporate these tips! 

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