5 Power Tips To Get Motivated Every Morning

January is complete - we’re no longer riding that wave of ‘new year, new me’ which means it’s all on us now to keep the motivation and momentum going. And here’s the thing: motivation isn’t something that you just have and wake up with (bummer, right?) it actually takes some cultivating for yourself - much like a muscle that needs working daily. 

I have to admit, getting out of bed is a damn sight easier these days that it used to be, and I do feel very excited about my day ahead most of the time. But it has taken a lot of training, practise and experimenting with different techniques in order to discover what works for me and how to switch on my motivation when I need it. 

You’ll know from experience, if you simply sit around waiting for motivation to suddenly hit, it rarely happens. But how cool is it to know that YOU have the power to create you own motivation and you’re in control of it?!

And with that, here are some of my favourite tips to help you get motivated every day: 

1. Find something that reminds you why you’re doing what you’re doing! 

Let’s take going out for a run for example - you may not always feel motivated to do that, but the way to increase that motivation level is to remind yourself what you’re doing the running for. When you remind yourself of the bigger picture and what the ‘end goal’ is, (like how you want to look and feel hanging out on a beach in Bali in your bikini) then that motivation will be ignited. 

Similarly to this, if you have follow-ups or emails to write that you just keep putting off, think about the why behind getting them done! For example, it might be to earn enough money to go on that gorgeous cruise you’ve got your eye on, or a staycation with your family where you can switch down the laptop guilt-free - that’s what’s going to fuel you to get the thing done in the moment. 

So, what anchors do you have that will remind you what you’re working towards? 

Maybe the anchor is looking at images on Pinterest of that dream holiday you want, or on Right Move of the dream home you’re saving for, or that beautiful dress you’ve got your eye on, or the thought of your Mum’s face when you pay off her mortgage for her. Whatever it is that reminds you why you’re doing what you’re doing - have it to hand every morning!

2. Start your day right

As I’ve mentioned, we don’t always wake up ready to go! Some days it can feel like a bit of a struggle, right? But let’s face it, if the first thing you’re doing when you wake up is scrolling social media, waking up to comments and quotes and questions and other people’s thoughts, and then jumping straight to your email inbox - you can’t really expect to have a calm, productive or focused day ahead. The way you start your day is the way it’s going to continue. 

When you’re feeling really good, super focused and ready to roll on the other hand - that’s when you’re in a great place to begin your day! 

In order to get into this feel good place each morning, I highly recommend a morning routine. It doesn’t have to take much time, and can take some really small and simple things to get you feeling great. For example, each morning I commit to going for a walk or run and listening to a high-vibe audio as I do so, I meditate for sometimes 3, 5 or 10 minutes depending on how I’m feeling, and I commit to having a good breakfast before I check my emails. When I’ve done those three things, I know I’m then in the right headspace to get started! 

So what is it for you? 

Maybe it’s simply sitting down and having a cuppa without checking your phone. Maybe it’s putting on your favourite song and dancing it out. Maybe it’s journalling or writing your gratitudes. Maybe it’s looking at your vision board to remind you what you’re working for! 

Commit to a couple of things that make you feel really good, and decide that you don’t start your day until they are done! 

(And hey, if that all sounds like too much hard work, you could start by simply committing to not checking your social media feeds at least until you’ve had a shower and a wee!)

3. Team new habits with something you already do

If you don’t have a morning practise right now, and this is something that’s new to you, then of course don’t just expect to wake up tomorrow, nail it and do it perfectly every day for forever! As with everything new, this is something to work on and feel into and experiment until you find what works for you. This also doesn’t have to be yet another thing to add to your to-do list - in fact, I’d recommend starting to implement small things into the routine you already have in a morning!

For example, you might want to list your gratitudes in your head or think of three things you’re really proud of while you’re brushing your teeth. You could put on your favourite song and have a dance while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil. You might want to listen to a high-vibe audio while drinking your cup of tea. 

What habits do you already have in the morning, and how can you incorporate some new feel good practices into these? There’s nothing extra to add, which means it takes no extra time, which really means: no excuses!

4. Create a motivational toolkit

Set yourself up with things that make you feel good in one easily accessible spot! Create a Spotify playlist full of your favourite songs, a YouTube collection of motivational videos or audios you love, an extract from a book that makes you feel pumped, a poems or quote you’ve seen that gets you all fired up, or even testimonials and feedback from clients that warm your heart. 

Save it all up and store it in one handy place like a Google Doc or folder, so you can access it whenever you want and need to for a motivational self-pep kit! 

5. Be specific about what needs to be done

When you’re giving yourself a to-do list as long as your arm, and when it’s whirring around in your brain, it’s likely you’ll feel overwhelmed and overworked, leading to thoughts of ‘where do I even start?’ or ‘I give up already!’ and that’s not great for focus! So it’s really important on what is essential for you and your business during the week ahead - and prioritising those things. 

Rather than thinking of the millions of things you’d ‘like’ to do, get really clear and specific about what needs to be done, and why!, will give you the motivation to get going. Get clear on WHEN you can get these essential tasks done, and schedule them into your calendar. 

After all, there’s no room for questioning yourself and for that voice of self-doubt when you’ve got shit to do! 

These are the tips that help me feel ready to go every single day - even on the days I’m not up for it (because yes, that still happens sometimes!) I hope this post serves as a reminder that motivation isn’t something you either have or you don’t have, but something you have the power to cultivate for yourself! 

Happy Motivation! Let me know how you get on and if you have any questions! xo 

Sophie French6 Comments