What To Do When You Feel Stuck In A Rut

We’ve all been there, feeling like we’re literally stuck in a rut. Nothing seems to be going the way we planned, things aren’t working out the way we wanted, we feel a little down and out and perhaps even throw a pity party. (Any fellow Pisces - we put on the BEST pity parties!) 

So what do you do when you’re feeling this way? Stuck, uninspired, low on motivation? Here are a few ways that help me get back on track, and that I know will support you, too:

1. Listen To What The Situation Might Be Trying To Tell You

I believe that we are supported by something bigger than ourselves and that we are always being given signs and guides to help us towards what we want and what is best for us and our lives. And I believe that sometimes, when we don’t listen to those guides or when we don’t listen to ourselves, we can experience problems that encourage us to NOTICE.

You could go on for years not listening to yourself and keep on getting those little nudges in the form of gut feelings, even aches or pains, or feeling downright exhausted. I have friends and family members that have shown all the signs that they are NOT where they’re supposed to be, with all the evidence pointing that way in the forms of illness, aches and pains, gut feelings, big fat universal signs - but naturally if they don’t want to hear it I have to keep my mouth firmly sealed.

For example, a friend of mine was having such a rough time at work and was waking up every day absolutely dreading going in. One evening she was out for a run and she broke her ankle, which meant she was forced to have time off work. I couldn’t keep my lips sealed on this occasion and declared: “If that’s not a big fat Universal sign that you need to STOP right now before you can move forwards, then I don’t know what is.”

When you’re not doing things that feel good, when you’re constantly pushing, and ignoring those nudges, voices consistently, sometimes the universe has to swoop in with a big smack in the face to make sure you listen. And that might be a broken ankle, it might be being knocked out with illness in bed, it might be being so tired that you’re physically unable to move - because the universe knows that that’s the only thing that’s going to make you have a rest!

So what is your current situation trying to tell you? What could you use this time as an opportunity for?

2.  Ask Positive Focused Questions

Your subconscious mind is always looking for answers to your questions, so you need to make sure you’re asking the right questions and that you’re asking resourceful questions. So for example if you’re asking yourself, “Why can’t I do this?” your subconscious mind is going to look for all of the evidence for that and reinforce that, which then tells you, “I can’t do this” and it makes you feel even worse.

When you ask a more resourceful question, such as “ How could I do this?” your subconscious mind looks for all the answers to the question so you can realise “Oh this is how!”

So check your language, check what questions you are asking of yourself and really monitor that. Notice the difference that it makes and the opportunities that you then see purely based on changing your inner monologue. Ask a smart question, put it out to the Universe, be patient and trust that the answer will come. You’re always more resourceful than you think.

3. Get Creative!

Your rut is an opportunity to get creative.

When my boyfriend began his new business venture, he’d had to pay out for some equipment and was just feeling a bit anxious about money.

As I was rushing out the door and I said to him “OK, how much money do you need?” and he told me the figure and I said: “Cool, come up with 40 ways that you could make that money”. (Because living with a life coach means consistently being tasked with solution-focused exercises…)

He was baffled by the thought of 40 ways, so I clarified that they don’t have to be things that he will do or even would do and they could even be illegal, but think of 40 ways that you could make that money. You don’t have to do them, but open your mind, get creative, think about what you could do, if your life depended on it. What could you do?

Lo and behold I returned two hours later and he’d come up with a plan of action to make the money he needed, into the thousands. Done and done!

So ask yourself, if my life depended on it (which it does), what would I do? What could I do to make this work? And just get creative, come up with 40 crazy ways you could make the money you need. 40 crazy ways to attract the clients that you want to work with.

The purpose of this exercise is to show yourself you have a lot of options and that this is not the end of the world, that there are lots of ways you could move forward, and it’s up to you to choose your favourite.

Your brain is very resourceful, you are very resourceful and there’s always a way. Because haven't things always worked out to get you to where you are now? Of course they have! Things are always working out for you, things are always working out for all of us, that’s why we’re here now.

Listen to this Abraham Hicks Rampage for a reminder: Things Are Always Working Out For Me

4. Get Moving! 

Your body is in sync with your mind, so in order to change your mind, change what your body is doing. When we're crouched over or sitting at a desk or on the sofa all day, it limits our brain capacity significantly. The light in your brain is literally dimmed, in comparison to even going for a 10 minute walk which lights it up like a firework and gets it going. So stand up, lift your arms above your head, dance it out, shake it off, go for a walk / run, do some yoga stretches - use your physiology to reopen your mind to new possibilities. You'll be amazed at the energy shift and the refuel of your brain power, too! 

It’s completely normal to sometimes feel stuck in a rut, but having these mindset-flipping tools in your toolkit to snap back from that feeling and into something more positive is a great way to be operating. I’d love to hear what you think!

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