How To Fill Back Uppa' Your Cuppa' (Swinging Out Of Underwhelm)

I’m putting it out there, Bali is the most wonderful place I’ve ever been in all my life! It’s just so, delicious! The people smile at you with a kindness that comes from their heart. You practically float around on the energy of the sounds that the wildlife and the music carry. The food is cooked with love and is bursting with belly-nourishing goodness. 

It’s fair to say I’ve fallen in love! 

And it has been the perfect way to reignite my inspiration, and to fill uppa’ my cuppa! 

I have to admit that a flying visit to the UK in between global adventures truly took its toll on me. I swooped in to catch ups with friends, family and clients, and packed my schedule to the brim in a bid to ‘keep up’ - whatever that means. And on the way, I got a bit lost. 

I took a metaphorical rewind to the me of 2012 with a calendar full of back to back plans, not a single moment to breathe, and a constant creep up of frantic “busy” energy. (Okay, so 2012 me didn’t have a creep up but a full-blown constant heir of hectic!) It took me back to a time where my Mum would call out ‘you’ll meet yourself coming back if you don’t slow down’ to me as I’d fly down the stairs and dash out of the door again. 

And the thing is - that kind of behaviour is what led me to panic attacks and emotional turmoil - so to feel an ounce of that even begin to rear its head felt pretty scary. 

I don’t operate in that way at all anymore, and actually, too many plans in my calendar tend to freak me the f*ck out these days. It’s a balance I’m working on building up to - but those few weeks sure set me back a pace or two. 

Just kind of ‘flat’ is how I can describe feeling. I was doing my absolute favourite things in the world - running workshops, coaching my clients, running client VIP days, speaking at awesome events and hanging out with my favourite people for dinners, drinks and endless cups of tea. In fact - all the things I’ve ever dreamed of for my life to be like. And yet, my ‘on to the next thing’ mode left me unable to actually feel those things, to really see, embrace or experience any of it at all. 

Because that's what happens you see: when you're too busy rushing around doing all. of. the. things, you don't give yourself the chance to taste any of it. 

And when you're not flexing your senses, and moving too quickly, they have this way of shutting down into numbness. So you're just tired, flat, and wondering 'what the hell is wrong with me?' It's your body's way of nudging you to slow down and smell the roses, so to speak. Yikes! 

And so, as I sit here watching the gentle lap of the turquoise pool water, listening to the chirrups of the birds in the trees and the faint chanting from the nearby Mosque, having moved my body at a morning yoga class on the beach, I’m feeling back to my full self with an overflowing glow of bliss. And I wanted to share with you a few things that helped me to recalibrate and recharge, for when you’re feeling a little ‘flat’ and out of whack >>> 

First stop: I flew to Bali. Go figure. But if that’s not on your list of priorities right now, here are some easier and cheaper suggestions to ease back into the flow and relax: 


Your mind can spiral into a frenzy if you let it, within seconds. So taking back control and nurturing your mind with gorgeous, positive, calming space is ideal for chilling the hell out. Meditation helps me to remember that anything I’m stressed about doesn’t really matter, and helps me connect with what’s going well, how I want to feel, and gives my brain a well-deserved rest. There are all kinds of meditation you can try, from guided visualisations, relaxation, focus and energy or simple breathing to spa-esque music.

Change Of Scenery: 

Decide to go somewhere different, do something different, and give your brain some space for your creative juices to flow. A change of scenery can work wonders for your mind and soul. Ideally escape to somewhere pretty, surrounded by nature, away from daily life - but even switching up your daily coffee stop or routine in some way can work wonders for replenishing your energy. 

Move Your Body:

If you energy is flat, it’s likely your whole body is flat and hasn’t been allowed to flow much. Our body and mind are so connected, so what’s going on with one often resides with the other. Dance! Shake it out! Head to a yoga class. Take long walks. Stretch. Lie upside down with your legs raised. Run, swing, spin, wiggle, jump. ”Keep moving, else you’ll get rusty.” an old man shouted down from his balcony this week. So remember it - don’t rust! 

Feed Your Soul:

What lights you up in the heart of your soul? What makes you feel carefree joy? For me, it’s Musicals - singing at the top of my lungs to my favourite show tunes! Or even better, going to watch a show. My latest buzz was ‘The Greatest Showman’ which made me feel all of the feels and totally lit up my heart, filled my body with a warm fizzy buzz and moved me to tears. 

What really wakes up your mind, body and soul? And where is it missing in your life right now? Bring it back, baby! Book the yoga class, the dance class, head to the bar where they play live music, go roller blading or take up painting. Whatever it is that makes you FEEL, do that. 

Cry It Out: 

A lot of the time when we’re busy as hell, it can be a sign we’re ‘numbing out’ or hiding from something we don’t want to face or think about, and this can cause emotion to get blocked up in our bodies without time or space to process (usually manifested as an eruption of tears and tantrum that you can’t seem to explain. Just me?) Allow yourself a good cry, or ten, and really let it out. I’d highly recommend the film Wonder if you’re looking for a tear jerker to get the ball rolling. 

And if you're really feeling in a funk and are in need of some personalised support to refuel your motivation muscle and top up your confidence bottle, why not join us in The Crush The Can’t Club right this way >>>

Sophie French