When It Feels Like Everyone Is Doing The Same Work As You...

I know it can feel like there are a million other people doing the work you’re doing. But here are some things that will help:

 a) it’s only because you’re subconsciously looking out for it and it’s on your radar, so it shows up more often (you have your reticular activating system to thank for that!) And social media's clever targeting too!

b) it doesn’t take away from anything you’re doing, there is absolutely plenty to go around! We live in an abundant Universe, and there are 7bn people on the planet - if even 1m people were doing the same as you, there would still be billions of potential customers in the world!! How cool is that

c) People buy from people - and you’ll be an absolutely perfect fit for the people that are right for you.

d) what if other people doing the same as you is a reaffirmation that YOU’VE GOT A REALLY COOL THING GOING ON and other people want in!

e) what if other people doing what you’re doing means there’s a whole new array of people YOU could teach something to about your journey

And here are a few tips to try: 

+ if you’re seeing too much of what other people are doing online and it’s throwing you off track, unfollow or hide them for a while until you refuel your own confidence cup, then you can decide who to filter back in when you’re ready (or just don’t!) It’s your feed, you get to make it a space that makes you feel GREAT!

+ in-line with the above, put some metaphorical forward-focused glasses on and stay in your own lane, focus on the work you’re here to do in the world, think about the people you’d love to work with and who are a perfect fit for you, put yourself out there more of the time to show up as your beautiful, unique self, and your tribe will show up to meet you. (You have to go first!) 

+ remind yourself of all the reasons people come to work with YOU for you. Don’t let what anyone else might be up to enter your brain - this isn't going to help. Focus on you, the value you want to share, the work you want to do and the people you’d love to speak to. And act from there. 

+ Enjoy a content detox. Digital detox is all the rage right now and SO crucial for our mental capacity and headspace, and yet I wonder if what we’re really in need of is a content detox. Unsubscribe from the emails you don’t love, turn off the news, don’t check your social media feed until you’ve connected with YOU, what you want to say, and you’ve shared one piece of content. That might be a social media post, a blog post, a video, or just a beautiful text to your partner or bestie to tell them how much they mean to you! Strip back on the content that’s going into your brain, and make it your mission to be creating BEFORE consuming.

I really really really don’t believe that there’s any competition. Because YOU are so unique and individual. When you’re showing up with your beautiful self, your awesome content, your unique way of seeing the world - how could anyone else possible compare?

And if you feel like anything anyone else is doing is similar to what you’re doing, decide to see it as a compliment, a sign you're on the right track, OR an opportunity to mix up your approach! 

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Sophie FrenchComment