What To Do When You Have Clients That Are Sucking Your Soul 

Something that many of my client’s dream about is: FREEDOM. 

The freedom to create their own schedule, run their own week, and not be dictated by the demands of a boss, or clients that they have let feel like a boss…

When they’re IN the depths of their business, they barely have a moment to come up for air, let alone to think about or believe that any kind of freedom is actually possible for them. 

But they forget that THAT’s why they started this business in the first place. For freedom: to spend their time in their own way, to not be dictated by anyone else, to have more time to do the things they love. 

And sometimes they’ve just gotten lost along the way, and happened to have created a 9am-11pm of their own, with clients that feel like their boss, to match.

So what do you do when you've got the words "I can't go on like this!" ringing in your ears, and you know you need to make some changes to your current set up?

Here are my suggestions:

1. Get really honest about the clients that are sucking your soul. 

You know the ones, they make your stomach lurch when you see you have an email from them in your inbox, or the work you’re doing with them feels heavy and takes you forever to find the motivation to get it done. Because, let’s face it, that’s just not very freeing. 

The first thing to do is get honest about these and write them down. In an ideal world, would you be working with these people? 

2. Work out how much financially ‘worse off’ you would be if you were to hypothetically break up with this client/s. 

Of course you need to be smart and think about being able to pay your bills and outgoings, but it’s really important to get specific about how much money this client is actually bringing in for you right now, and also, perhaps even more importantly: where that money is going.

Sometimes we *think* we need to be earning a certain amount, so we keep doing things we don’t enjoy in order to earn it, but then just spend that money on things we don't even want, notice or need! So when we get really specific, we can work with the facts and have something concrete to refer to….

Work out how much money you'd lose out on by letting this client go. 

Then get really familiar with your finances to decide if, actually, you could find a way to make sure it didn't make too much of a dent. 

Here's a free spend tracker I've made for you, to help you get clear on what's currently going on in that money trove of yours. 

3. Think about how much better off you would be energetically if you were to break up with said client/s

Okay, so money is important for your business. And as referred to above, you need to be sensible about what you need to be bringing in. BUT, it’s also important to think about how much more space, time and energy you would have once you let these clients go. AND, what could you do with that space, time and energy? 

Perhaps you’d work on another part of your business that you absolutely love and you know would thrive if only you had the time and energy… 

Perhaps you’d be creating passive income products that would bring in money for you for forever…

Perhaps you’d create a premium service that would replace or even be double the money you were receiving from said client anyway…

Perhaps you could spend more time actually doing things you want to be doing: hanging out with your family, friends, partner, writing, taking weekends off!

So, how much time and energy would you get back, and what might you do with it? 

4. Come up with creative ways you could replace the income these client brings you. What would bring you joy AND income? 

When you’ve gotten specific about how much you need and want to earn in point 2, you’re better equipped to make an informed decision based on facts, rather than ‘I need the money!’ - because chances are: a) you actually don’t right now, especially if it means having time to breathe and course-correct, b) you now know what income you need to replace, and can work out ways that you can do that, and then some, in a way that is easier and more enjoyable. YES PLEASE! 

Get creative with all the ways you could replace that income, in ways that are easier and way more fun! 

Here are 33 ideas for you, and space for you to generate your own money making ideas too! 

If you’d like support to explore how you can cut your soul-sucking clients, and work with people who fill you with joy on projects you love, while earning the money you want and MORE, then book yourself in for a 1:1 complimentary coaching session and let’s get your reboot on the road. 

You really do get to decide how you spend your time and energy. And if something isn’t working right now, you can absolutely change it. I know it’s easy to think “I know something needs to change, but I’ll think about it when…” but we know full well that it’ll keep going on and on, and another month and another month pass by, and there’ll always be another reason to hold off the change. 

It’s time to make the decision that you’re going to create a life you love. And yes, a lot of the time that means letting things go, even when it’s scary, in order to make way for the new. 

So what (or who!) is going on your LET GO list this week? And what could this be making some beautiful space for? 

No makes way for yes. And a HELL YES life is what we’re aiming for. 

Ready to kickstart your HELL YES life, and crush that pesky voice that tells you all the reasons you can't do it, while you're at it? Book your spot on my upcoming workshop 'How To Crush The Can't In Your Head' over here. 

Sophie French