Dissolve Your Money Panic & Always Feel Supported

'If I won the lottery I could do this...' How many times have you said this or heard it said?

My boyfriend and I were talking about his business venture when he started out last year, and he said 'if I had a million pound I could do it now!' To which I replied: I bet you don't need a million pound to do it.

I asked him to work out exactly how much he needed, and it was around £4500 - that's nowhere NEAR £1m!!

Then I said 'great, how can you make it happen?' (The joys of living with a life coach - always a solution!) 

I asked him to write down 40 ways he could make the money, if he really really needed to. 

After around way number 4, he realised it was his bonus month at his job, plus he had a bonus he received from his family for his birthday, and some savings he had put away: DONE.

Let's stop limiting ourselves with 'I'll do that when I win the lottery'. Because it stops us even dreaming because we know it's unlikely we'll win the lottery, which makes that thing we want to do seem instantly unlikely too!

So what do you want? How much would it be? How can you make it happen?

There are way easier and faster ways to get what we want than winning the lottery!

What I want you to do is to create a list of all the ways you could make money if you were desperate! 

Security is one of our basic human needs, and for some people it’s their absolute necessity. If their security need isn’t met, it can lead to that feeling of being in despair and out of control! 

So naturally, when it comes to even considering going part-time from your job, or starting a business of your own, the security alarm plays a big part and will be the prevalent thought tugging at your brain. 

In order to reduce that panic, it’s time to look at the facts. Because our fear voice just can’t argue with the facts. 

Let’s face it: You are very very very resourceful when you need to be. I mean, you’ve made it this far right? Think about all the times you’ve needed money in the past, hasn’t it always been there? Haven’t you always found a way to figure it out? 

So it’s time to use some of that evidence and resourcefulness to soothe your panic back to sleep. 

Create a list of ALL the ways you could make money if you needed to. 

Yep, you can put illegal things on your list too if you want. 

I want you to come up with 33 ways you could make money if you had to. 


I know that 33 ways seems like ALOT. But I know you can do it. Also, even by reaching 15 ways, you’re reminding yourself of just how resourceful you are, and opening your brain to bigger thinking. Keep going until you get to 40, even if the things are outrageous, or illegal, or mad - fire up your creative brain and see what you come up with! 


(includes some suggestions for you too) 

Desperation is a great motivator, but of course we don’t ever want to be in that place. But, by imagining that mindset for a moment, and using that as fuel for our creativity and to show us our resourcefulness, we’re able to get into the position of what we could and would do should our ‘worst’ fears come true. 

Meaning that whenever those pesky panic fears come up, we can refer to our list as our solution. When you have this to hand, you can remind yourself you’ll always be ok. 

This list holds the facts, to help you hold the faith: “I trust that I’m always supported, I always find a way to figure things out.”

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Sophie French