When You Want To Make A Change But You 'Need The Money' - Think About This...

Something I hear a lot from clients, family, friends, workshop attendees when it comes to them contemplating quitting their job, is: “but I need the money.” 

And of course, this is all very well. We all need money to pay for our outgoings and to live.

But here’s the thing: do you know where your money is going right now? Where’s the rest of your money being spent?

I can certainly speak from experience that when I was in a corporate job, I would get paid at the end of the month and spend every single penny I had on ‘stuff’ just because I had it. Eating out, drinking, clothes, make-up, shoes I never wore, a fancy car I drove from home to work. 

So ask yourself an honest question: are you spending a lot of your money just because it’s there? 

Having recently run a spendings check with a friend, we worked that he was currently drinking, smoking and eating out £900 of his wages every month. From a job he resents going to I might add.


His face went white and he almost vomited in the sink when he realised. 

£900 from a job he loathed was going into his body, coming out into the toilet, damaging his health and making him feel really crap.

Can you imagine if he’d have been saving that £900 a month for the past year, to put into his new business venture? To quit his job and start on his own? To take 3 months out in between jobs to travel? To put a deposit on a house so he could rent it out while he visited friends around the country? To cut down to working part-time? 

Yes, he could imagine it too. Hence the white face and near vomiting. 

And this isn’t a bid to say: hey, you shouldn’t be spending money. This is to say I’ll bet you have money right now that you’re just spending because you have it, that could otherwise be spent on a bigger plan. And that if you’re miserable with what you're doing right now and you want to do something else, the thought ‘yeah that would be great but what about the money’ can’t be an excuse to dismiss your dreams anymore. 

Naturally, it starts by figuring out what that plan is, and staying on track with your finances to make it work. But if you’d have started doing that this time last year, two years ago, where might you be now? 

What I would also suggest while figuring out a plan to leave the job that’s making you miserable, is to consider downsizing your life to begin with. Think about what you really actually want. If you could trade in your fancy car for spending an extra day at home with your children, would you do it? If you could have one less bedroom in your home where you usually put all the stuff you never use anyway, in exchange for working less, would you do it? 

I’m asking you these questions because I was never asked them myself. I was always striving for more, more, more, because I thought that was success. Until panic attacks, a frazzled brain and being a snappy misery to everyone that was important to me told me it really wasn’t. 

Success is YOUR version of a delicious life, of living YOUR dream. 

That dream might be selling your belongings, doing up a van and living off the land! That dream might be living in a two bedroom home, working part-time at a job you don’t have to think much about and spending weekends with your loved ones. That dream might be building a business that allows you to work from home and have a puppy. 

What’s YOUR version of a dream life?

What’s more important to you than all the money in the world?

And how much might it cost? 

When you actually work out how much your outgoings are, where you could cut back, and what that would add to your life in happiness and energy levels…things get very interesting. Not only that, but your dream life begins to look that bit more realistic than you’d first thought.

Now, here I’m not saying that you have to sacrifice money for living your dream life. Because you can absolutely categorically have both. In fact that’s what I encourage most of all: having a long term plan to create something that brings you in way more than your current salary, if that's what you want. And yes, it’s absolutely possible. 

But to begin with, to make you see how much closer it is than you originally thought, get really clear about how much money you could really live off for the short term. 

Because then the question is no longer whether you can afford to, but whether you WANT it enough. 

And that’s a story for a whole different blog post. 

Ready to get familiar with your finances and stop using money as an excuse? It really is the key to kickstarting your very own version of a delicious, dream life. And I’ve made it SO easy for you to do, with a spend tracker your can download below!

Sophie French