What If It's Not 'I Can't Afford It' But Actually: 'I'm Not Allowed It.'

Are you turning to ‘I can’t afford it’ as your default? 

Hanging out in Bali for a couple of months had me feeling like the richest woman in the world. Taking a morning swim in the pool outside my room, having breakfast delivered to my balcony, taking a private speed boat in between islands. And all for around £25 a day. 

And you see, a few years ago, I wouldn’t have even allowed myself to consider that I could spend 6 weeks in Bali. In fact, the most I managed to dream up when asked to was a 3* holiday in Turkey for £400. It’s all I’d ever known, and I’d never been given permission to dream any bigger than that - getting a holiday at the cheapest you could was just what you did. 

What I’m seeing a lot, in both myself and my clients too, is that it’s never really ‘I can’t afford it’ but often, ‘I’m not allowed…’

This came to light recently when running a VIP day with a client - we mapped out her desires on an A3 piece of paper, it was full to the brim of the things she wanted to bring into her life. She was excited by them but also nervous because she had an underlying feeling she wouldn’t be able to make them happen. 

Once we’d done the dreaming, we mapped out the practical: how much would this dreamy life of hers with all her desires included actually cost? 

We worked out the total figure, and divided that monthly to see how much she would need to be making. 

And it was about £500 more per month than she was already bringing in…

And there lies the thing. It’s often not that you ‘can’t afford it’ but that you’re perhaps not allowing yourself to have it, and therefore spending the money on the things you think you ‘are allowed’ to have instead. 

Think about it: are you assuming you ‘can’t’ afford the things you want before even working out how much they might cost? 

You tell yourself you ‘can’t afford’ that beautiful ring for £100, but easily spend £100 on drinks on a night out. 

You tell yourself you can’t go on that holiday, but spend that money on eating out this month instead. 

You tell yourself you can’t afford that weekend break, but that gym membership you’re paying for and not using would cover it no problem.

I think it’s quite possible that actually, you’re not allowing yourself the things you truly desire.

Which is perhaps why there's such a feeling of 'dissatisfaction' here in the Western world. It never feels like enough. 

You see, we all have this want for MORE.

More money, more stuff, more clothes, more followers. 

But when we’re not sure on what MORE actually is, of course we’ll never ever feel satisfied. 

And that’s a huge part of the problem - never being given the chance or direction to think about it! 

So it’s time to start.

Because bringing it to life might not cost you as much as you currently think. 

Take some time to get creative - what would you like to bring to life in the next 3 months, 6 months? Brainstorm on a big sheet of paper, what would your life look like? And then, work out how much that costs. 

I’m going to bet you’ll be surprised at how little your dreams cost once you allow yourself what you want. 

You get to create the life you want to live. You have the power to make it happen for yourself. You are allowed to want more and you already have all the resources you need to bring it to life. 

But there’s often a ‘can’t in your head that tells you otherwise. 

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Sophie French