When You're Up To Your Eyeballs In Stuff, And You've Bloody Well Had Enough...

Ever get so swamped with ‘doing the doing’ in your business that you find yourself asking ‘why the effe am I doing this again?’

You’re so busy in the depths of the day to day, you’ve lost sight of what you’re working for. 

You feel flat and bored by your business, and it’s showing in your sales, your mood and your life. 

You know something has to change, but you’ve barely lifted your head from your emails for weeks let alone think about what you actually want. 

About 18 months ago, that’s absolutely where I was. My boyfriend one Friday afternoon came home to find me in a frenzy at my laptop - he packed me a bag and practically packed me into the car to a Wales trip he was going on - I still typed vigorously in the car all the way there. I’d given myself SO much work to do, that even when I was taken to a beautiful hotel in a beautiful setting, I barely lifted my eyes to see it. 

And that was NOT the way I wanted to live. About a month later, I switched off for Christmas, and couldn’t switch on again for about 2 months. I had well and truly burnt out. I was exhausted, resenting my business, and didn’t want to return. 

It wasn’t pretty. 

So I took to work to refining it all. I got really honest about the work I was enjoying and the work I wasn’t. I made big decisions about what I was taking on and what I wasn’t. I got really clear about the kind of life I wanted, and how I wanted to FEEL in my business. What did my days look like? How was I spending my time? Who was I working with? How was I making a difference? 

And then I made it happen. 

That’s why now I’m SO passionate about freedom, about living life on your terms, about switching up priorities so my business works around my lifestyle and not the other way around. 

I am fierce about my time, about what I take on, and very importantly what I take off, too. 

And I want you to know that you do not have to feel so swamped and exhausted by your business. I know when you’re in the thick of it it can be hard to see a way out, but I promise there is one. And it’ll be easier than you think to reach it, when you take some time to sit back, reflect, take stock and make the tweaks and changes required. 

One of my clients earlier this year was in this place too - her client list was full to the brim, she was making great money, and on the outside, everything looked great. But she was exhausted, fed up, and struggling to keep on top of things. She was still living as the business owner of two years ago when she first started: hustling all hours of the day, not wanting to reduce clients, not setting boundaries, feeling like she had to work all of the hours - but she’d outgrown that, she was ready to step into the new business owner she’d spent 2 years building the foundations for…

The kind of business owner who delegates to her team, the kind of business owner who takes time off, the kind of business owner who takes the lead, the kind of business owner who knows when a client isn’t a good fit and lets them know with confidence and kindness, the kind of business owner who is fierce about her time and energy, the kind of business owner who earns great money, the kind of business owner who spends and manages her money well, the kind of business owner who takes lush long lunch breaks, switches off her laptop at a decent hour, and actually LIVES her life. 

And now she’s living it. All of that and more. 

The way you ‘used’ to work is outdated. There’s no need for you to be hustling, or swamped, or up to your eyeballs in emails and admin that make you want to scream. It’s time for you to own your next level, to get really fierce about what you want, and to take the steps to make it happen. 

Because let’s face it: if you carry on like this, something’s gotta give. And that something’s going to be you. 

I’m here to support you in taking back control of your time, your life, your money and your energy. 

You get to choose how you spend your time on the planet. You get to choose who you work with and who you don’t. You get to choose the kind of work you want to do. You get to choose what you say yes to and what you don’t. You get to choose it all. 

But it starts by giving yourself permission to make the choice. 

So, ready to choose a HELL YES life? That fills you with joy, gives you the freedom you crave, the money you want AND the confidence to match? 

Head over here to explore how together we can get you out of the rut you’re swamped in and into the fierce, focused, fulfilled and freedom-loving business woman you want to be >>>

Sophie French