A Letter To Anyone Who Has Been Tricked Into Thinking Life Should Be A Certain Way...

A letter to anyone who has been tricked into thinking life should be a certain way...

I know that you were told to imagine what life is ‘supposed’ to look like. In fact, you’ve been conditioned to think that way for a long long time. What turning 30 ‘should’ look like: maybe a partner, a wedding, a couple of kids, a career you're set on for life, a house, perhaps a car and a dog? What 65 ‘should’ look like: retirement, a pension, some grandchildren, mortgage-free, a bad back and a strained marriage?

But as far as I see it, we’ve been fed a lie. Because how does anyone in the whole entire world know what YOU really want? What’s ‘right’ and what’s ‘wrong’? How YOU want to live? How you DON'T want to live?

No matter your age, gender or background: If it hasn’t worked out the way you 'thought' it would have by now, it’s OK. If you’re actually craving something else that is entirely different to your peers, good for you! If you haven’t got a clue what you want to do but you know it’s not THIS, that’s a bloody great place to start!

This life is the most unpredictable, crazy, weird and wonderful thing to experience, isn’t it? And every single one of us 7 billion humans experiences it differently. So how can there POSSIBLY be a ‘set plan’ you’re supposed to follow? It would be madness to think there is.

The passions you have, the desires you crave, the way you’d love to live your life - they are all up to you. You have these desires for a reason - because they are meant for you. If they weren’t, you wouldn’t be able to think them up, they wouldn’t be on your radar.

And this is not a drill. I repeat, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. This is your actual LIFE. No dress rehearsals. No ‘waiting room’ until ‘one day’. It’s happening right now in front of your very eyes. And you can choose to grab it by its golden balls and see what it’s got for you, every single year, no matter your age or your expectations. Or you can wait it out, see what happens, hope that something or someone will come along and rescue you from the ‘waiting room.’

But that’s not going to happen.

A delicious life you’re madly in love with, that fulfils you and has you feeling truly content, comes from YOU finding the courage to stand up and say ‘there HAS to be more than this!’ ‘I deserve more than this.’ ‘I want so much more than this!’ And being prepared to follow your intuition, your heart and your true desires, in order to take you there.

Would it be easier to stay exactly where you are? Probably. In the short term, maybe. But long term, squashing your dreams and desires because of what other people think, sobbing into your pillow when you have a chance to actually think about what you truly want but aren’t allowing for yourself, feeling frustrated at yourself for knowing things have to change but choosing to ignore them over and over.

I know it can feel scary, I really, really do. But what’s scarier? Living your life to please other people. Knowing at your very core that you want something else. Feeling resentful because you’re not living out the things you want to do. Getting to the end of your life and wishing you’d done things differently, wondering what it was all for…

As you can probably tell, my heart could pop with passion about supporting people to live the life they actually want, and to get unstuck from old stories they’ve learned about what things ‘should’ look like. There are no rules, no set way that things should or shouldn’t be, no list of criteria for you to meet. There’s just YOU - dazzling, brilliant, talented af, wonderful, bright, passionate, epic, human, you. Filled with desires, and dreams, and wishes, and plans, and a brain full of big ideas and a heart full of passion and wide-eyed with a sense of excitement.

There’s no end to what’s available to you, once you crack open your mind to the possibility that you’re allowed everything you want, and so much more.

If you want to explore how to start making the changes you know you're ready to make, and take hold of the things you're truly meant for, I'm here for you. Because you don't have to do this on your own. Head over here to find out how I can support you. 

All my love,

Sophie x 

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