How To Reach Your End Of Year Goals With Ease, Intention And Purpose

Getting into the September feels can be totally fresh, with those ‘back to school’ vibes deep rooted in our cells, we’re ready to roll and good to go. But then: “oh shit, where do I begin?!” 

Along with the motivation can also come this strong message around ‘getting shit done before the end of the year’ and ‘smash your goals for the final quarter’ and, well, I don’t know about you, but that’s enough to put anyone into panic mode! 

Confusion hits about where to put your focus, the overwhelm sets in about that long list of things you want to get done, and then, oh yes, there it is…our old friend procrastination, and so the beating ourselves up ensues! 

It’s totally normal to get caught up in the ‘last quarter of the year let’s go go go’ talk. And sure, it’s a brilliant time of the year for a kick up the butt and a refocus on what you want to create and complete, but it doesn’t have to be quite so big or aggressive. It’s still allowed to be easy while being efficient and effective too. 

After all, we all know that coming from somewhere from a place of ‘panic’ or ‘well they’re doing it so I probably should too’ or ‘oh god how do I keep up?!’ is not the ideal way to move forward. That really just brings on the overwhelm and feeling so damn confused. 

So I’ve got some tips to share with you today and some questions and prompts too about how you can approach the final quarter of the year with eeeease. Because let’s face it, those pumpkin spiced lattes aren’t going to drink themselves! #priorities 

1. Decide what season of your business and life YOU’RE in right now. 

Because we don’t all follow the actual seasons of the year. We have our own, in both our business and our life. So this is an important question to help you refocus on what’s going on for YOU, and not the rest of the world. Perhaps right now you’re in a season of hibernating, nurturing, squirrelling your nuts away and planning for what’s ahead. Maybe you really are in get things done mode and you’re in a season of hunkering down and doing the work. Maybe you’re feeling creative and open to exploration, and feel ready to bring something new to life. 

Check in on what feels right for you. What kind of a season are you in for the next few months ahead? And use THAT as your focus point. 

2. There’s no race and there’s no finish line.

Remember life doesn’t just stop on the 31st December - everything continues as normal soon after and it doesn’t need to be a ‘race’ to the finish line. The 2018 police aren’t going to come knocking because you didn’t do some of the stuff you said you would, or because some things don’t feel aligned anymore and you’ve changed your mind. You have plenty of time. 

3. Take it one step at a time. 

It’s great to think about your vision and the things you do want to create or bring to life, but then bring it back to now and break it down into bitesize chunks. What’s one thing you can do today to move you a little closer? What are three things you can do this week to move forward? Keep taking little bites and soon enough you’ll have eaten the lot! 

4. Refocus your focus. 

Instead of focusing on all the things you *haven’t* done yet, think about all the things you have done and accomplished and achieved. Track your progress and make a ‘have done’ list, so you can see for yourself how brilliant you are and how far you’ve come. And build on the momentum from THAT place to move you forward into this next phase. 

5. Stay in your own hot-chocolate laden cosy knit jumper-y lane 

It’s so tempting to keep checking in on what everyone else is up to, but it’s also the quickest way to fall off your own path and get lost and confused about what’s really important to you. Every so often, I delete the Instagram app from my phone, and have a couple of days of being disconnected, and it really does make the world of difference. I can get back to planning what I really want without it being tainted with other people’s dreams and shoulds, I can get familiar with my own voice and message again without it being diluted or influenced by anyone else’s, and I can reconnect with what life feels like to just enjoy in the moment without the need to document every slice. 

So go on, I dare you. Take a little dip out of online life to refocus on YOU. You can soon get back to double-tapping pictures of chunky knit throws and fireplaces, but just with a little more fire of your own. 

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And there you have it: my tips to help you move forward into this next season of the year with intention, purpose and most importantly with what’s true for YOU. 

Let me know how you get on in the comments below. 

Here’s to all kinds of magic this Autumn!

Sophie FrenchComment