On Disconnecting Online To Reconnect With Yourself AND Your Clients

I’ve taken on a little Insta step back experiment this week. Something I’ve seen in myself and hear in my clients too is that it’s so easy to get lost or thrown off track or too consumed with what everyone else is up to that you lose sight of your own plan and your mission and your path.

As my business runs mainly on Instagram, I’ve not gone cold turkey, because that’s just a short-term ‘fix’. What I have done is explored a way to manage the platform with purpose and intention, rather than mindless scrolling, tapping, watching. I’ve been able to go in knowing exactly what I’m going to be posting an/or sharing, I give myself some dedicated time to engage with others, and then I get out!

And exploring a new way to approach the online space for a little while has made the world of difference.

I’m rediscovering what inspires me again, outside of a little screen. And the TIME I have back, oh my goodness. With my Instagram app hiding away in a folder, all notifications turned off, the habit I’d use to fill time or rather to distract me, has made me think ‘oooh, what could I do?’ and so I’ve been writing more, creating more, reading more, brainstorming more, and even watched a new show and *actually* watched it instead of half watching half scrolling.

Most of all, I’ve been ALL THERE. Totally present with my family and friends, I’ve been engaged in the laughs, and enjoying the experience. And of course I still need to work out a balance, because Instagram is my main platform where my awesome clients are, so while it still needs to be an integral part of my business, the difference is that it doesn’t have to be an integral part of my life.

On the business and creativity front, it’s really helped me to tune back in with what I have to say, and what’s really important to me to share with the world. And I’ve been inviting my clients to indulge in a little social step back, too.

And I’d love to invite you to do the same.

Even for a little while, what if you stopped creating content from a place of ‘what do my audience want from me’ or ‘what is everyone else saying’ but rather, what if you turned it around and asked: “what do I want to say today?”

It’s this question that is really helpful when creating anything. And I believe the answer lies in giving yourself the Instagram-free time and space to explore it.

Reconnect with what is important for you to get out into the world. Whether that’s your writing, a personal project, something you feel really called to do. Remind yourself of what your true desires are - not whether it’s marketable, or whether it’s the right time, or whether other people will like it, or if someone somewhere out there is doing something remotely similar. You do you.

Of course it’s important to be smart about things and check in with the above from time to time. But what if you just created for the pure pleasure of it again? What if you reminded yourself what it feels like to be inspired by something and then wrote about it? What if you revived your inspiration from your *heart* rather than the screen at your fingertips.

My highest month of clients and conversations came from when I spent 2 months in Bali this year, because I was inspired to share and create every single day. I went to yoga on the daily, and swam in the pool, and let my mind wander before putting it on to the page or on an Instagram story. And it must have come through, because I had reams of messages and enquiries for working together. I was sharing what was most true for me at the time, without a glance at what anyone else was up to, and it was THAT that really connected me first with myself, and then with others.

Of course it’s easy to fall back into the trap of scrolling and checking what others are doing 3 million times a day, particularly when you’re not roaming the rice padis of Bali and are working at home on your own looking for connection with another human. But if you work for yourself, the joy is in the fact that you *do* get to decide how you spend your day, any maybe it’s time to get a little more conscious of how that looks. Perhaps this is a reminder to snap back to a little more *life* first, your life, and not the goings on of anyone else’s.

After all, remember that people buy from people. So in a world where your clients come to you because of who you are, what you stand for, and the things you’re passionate about - doesn’t it make perfect business sense to take the time out and reconnect to what that actually is?

Sophie FrenchComment