When You Dream Bigger Than What You *Think* Is Possible, Magic Happens!

Anthony and I have been out and about looking at properties this week, a separate venture from the business side of things, but it really got me to thinking about the time we first started looking at the apartment we live in today, and a little magical story that brought it to life…

When we first decided we wanted to buy a place of our own, we were on a weekend away in Amsterdam. I was doing one of my monthly manifesting rituals, taught to me by the lovely wonderful magical Lucy Sheridan, where you consider what’s worked that month and free-write it alll down, then you look at what’s not been working and what you want to commit to letting go of, and then you get super creative and dream juicy big about what you want to call in and manifest that month. (It’s such a delicious ritual and you should absolutely do it: thanks Luce!)

Having been staying in a beautiful penthouse apartment by the canal in Amsterdam at the time, it got us to dreaming about how we’d really love that too. But, of course, if we wanted to live in our hometown of Leicester near our families and weren’t up for a move to The Dam, it probably wouldn’t be possible.

We popped it on our list anyway, as we were feeling particularly dreamy and lit up by the buzz of the beautiful city.

With DREAM BIG written at the top of the paper, our vision for a place of our own started to look like:

Big windows with lots of light.

Near water with a lovely view.

Hustle & bustle and things going on.

Also near nature and plenty of greenery.

But I mean, in Leicester? Come on, not likely!

So we sent our wishful thinking out into the Universe and thought nothing more of it. I ripped out the page and popped it in a box, as my declaration of ‘And so it is!’.

Soon enough, after the buzz of the city wore off at home, we got sucked back to our ‘reality’ and pursued the purchase of a small damp terraced house, because we thought that was ‘what you did’ when you bought your first home, in Leicester, where we wanted to live, and that met our budget at the time.

As it turns out, we pulled out of it at the last minute because it was going to cost way more than we’d accounted for and something just felt really really really not right…

And then the coolest thing happened and the magic set in motion. Because within one hour of us pulling the offer on the house, and deciding we were going to have to go back to the drawing board and change our approach if we wanted to find something to suit our budget, an apartment we’d looked at a few months ago had fallen through and come back on the market. We called and arranged a viewing the next day.

The moment we walked in, we finally got what people meant when they said: “when you know, you know.”

Big windows and lots of light.

A view of the river from our living room window.

A view of the gardens from our bedroom.

In the city centre with lots going on.

A beautiful park full of greenery across the road.

We put an offer in that day and as they say, the rest is history!

It’s a space I totally adore, and it always has this magic feel about it, particularly when we recall the ‘coincidences’ (or not!) that led us to it. Of which I’d forgotten, until I found our ‘list of requirements’ and our ‘DREAM BIG’ paper as I was unpacking our stuff on moving in day, and proceeded to cry!

We get in our own way all of the time when it comes to thinking about what we really truly want. We limit our thinking to include what we *think* is available to us or that we’re allowed or that’s possible.

We forget that we live on a planet floating in space and actually: we have NO idea what is truly possible.

Of course there are figures and estate agents and phone calls and small talk and social media and all the things that suck us into small scared thinking. But taking a moment to remember that there is a whole world of possibility that is available to you, should you open yourself up to it, is sometimes all that’s required to turn that ‘pipe-dream’ vision into hot damn gone and happened.

So what is it that YOU really want?

Even if it feels a little crazy.

Even if you don’t know ‘how’ yet.

Even if you can’t figure out the logistics right now.

Start with what you want. Picture it in your mind. Allow the tummy-flip excitement to take hold.

Because from THERE is where the magic happens. The ‘I-can’t-frickin-believe-it’ ‘I don’t know how to explain it’ ‘dreamed it then real lifed it’ magic.

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” - Roald Dahl.

So go on, look out for a little magic this week. What’s the worst that could happen? All your dreams could come true! Yikes!


Having found a place we’ve fallen totally in love with this week, we were showed around by the very same estate agent who sold us our current apartment, it had fallen through just before sale in the exact same way as our current property, and there was even the very same problem with the key in the door that had happened before! It has been a total deja vu experience. And either the 65-year old estate agent is really tapping into my love of magic and secretly trained as an actor or one of Derren Brown’s associates, or there’s a thread of magic floating around asking to be followed.

I’m going with the latter. Because that seems way more realistic. ;)

Watch this space!


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