What's Your Energetic Income Level?

I first heard about ‘energetic income level’ a few years back via Denise Duffield Thomas’ Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp - the concept being that we all have a certain unconscious ‘cap’ or ‘level’ to our earnings - we don’t consciously know what that is, but unconsciously, based on our inner beliefs, we cap our income from going above a certain amount.

Commonly this is due to underlying doubts & fears such as…

“I don’t deserve to make more than X”

“If I make as much as my previous job I’ll be happy…”

“I’d feel guilty if I made more than my parents..”

“I’ll lose my friends if I make more money than them…”

For me, in my first year of business, I was running with the story ‘if I make as much money as I did in my corporate job I’ll be happy - I’ll be a legit business owner who takes herself seriously dammit.'

Of course ‘consciously’ I wanted to make more than that - but unconsciously (the 90% of me that is running my behaviour) - making the same as my job felt good and ‘enough.’

So when I finalised my accounts at the end of that year - where in the hot damn hippity-hop do you think I was at?

Yep. The EXACT annual figure I’d earned at my corporate job. To the penny and pound!

I rolled up my sleeves the following year, and I was going to double my income. To which a new story came up (they usually do when we uplevel): “if I’m going to double what I made, I’m going to have to double my workload.”

I obliged. That was the year I was on-my-knees exhausted after the Christmas break for 2 months because I’d burned myself into the ground, was experiencing the heart-palpitations of a hyena on crack and decided: if THAT’s how to make more money, I’m out!

That was the catalyst for knowing something HAD to change. There HAD to be an easier way.

I hired a coach, and I also happened to be heading off for four months by the beach in Spain and Bali.

It turns out I didn’t want to ‘grow’ my business at all. What I actually wanted to work on was making the same amount of money as the year before, but working half the time (and by the beach).

I put together my accounts for that year and guess what? I was TO THE POUND AND PENNY of the year before - but having worked half, if not a quarter of the time.

With a beaming face and sass in my step, I had evidence that my old beliefs had been well and truly obliterated!

And then circles us back to recently, filing my accounts for last year, I was reminded of my energetic income level work I hadn’t visited for a while. And I just had this FEELING as the lightbulb pinged in my head...

"Hold on a cotton picking minute!" I thought, as I got up my calculator and took away my final expenses for the year.

Lo and behold - my profit last year was THE EXACT FIGURE TO THE PENNY AND POUND as my previous corporate income.

DING DING DING - unconsciously, I was limiting my ‘take-home’ pay!

Coincidence? OH HELL NO! Your unconscious mind is driving ALL OF YOUR BEHAVIOUR, all of the time. 

I got to work on busting through those limiting beliefs, and without even realising it, I’ve reached my goals for this financial year with three months to go, which I’m absolutely delighted about.

But part of me isn’t surprised - because what I know for sure is that once you grab a little shovel and dig around into what's going on in there, you really do uncover the GOLD that's waiting for you. 


This is some of the powerful work we’re going to be diving into on The Magic Activation Mastermind - exploring your energetic income level and clearing out the blocks in the way.

My favourite way to do this is through Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as tapping) and I’m going to be teaching this INCREDIBLE block-busting tool to you on retreat - it’s a superpower that helps you get to the core of what’s going on and helps you shift things so quickly.

You can take all of the yearsss to figure this out and work through it like I did - or we can take a shortcut and bust through your limits, lady!

I’d absolutely LOVE to support you in diving into this, uncovering your blocks + releasing them in a way that lasts (and teaching you how you can do this for yourself forever more and at every level!)


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