Practice - And Progress - Make Perfect: How Tracking Your Progress Is The Key To Your Business Growth

While I’m all about magic, and energy and manifesting the things you want - something that doesn’t dismiss, particularly in business, is the importance of measurements and metrics. 

Because progress is the thing that keeps us all going. 

“I always tell people if you want to know the secret to happiness, I can give it to you in one word: progress,” - Tony Robbins.

I’ve been going to my PT sessions for 6 months now, and wow did it take me a while to get into the swing of it. For a while there I questioned if it was working, was it doing any good, what were the benefits, was it worth it? All the questions that tend to come up when we’re on our way towards any goal, right? That’s the short-term gain part of our brain that wants to keep us comfortable and for everything to just go back to being the same and safe. 

But the thing that kept me going? Progress. Metrics. Numbers. 

We’d taken progress pictures so I could physically see my body changing 

We’d taken measurements and weight so I could see the numbers changing

We’d taken note of my reps and weights so I could tell that I was getting stronger 

My name and timed reps are up on the board for all to see to help me challenge myself and others and keep me accountable

I kept a diary log of my energy levels and moods so I could monitor the difference 

These were all parts of my progress that helped me recognise what I’d achieved, what was possible, what had changed, what I was capable of and how far I’d come. 

And it struck me as something we tend to do very little of in business. But something that is actually SO essential to moving forward. 

Without progress, it’s so easy to forget your purpose. 

And without purpose, it’s so easy to give up. 

Monitoring your progress really is the difference between making it happen and losing focus. 

So, here are some of the key things to support you in your progress monitoring as we shimmy our way into the ‘back to school’ vibes that September brings with it… 

  1. How familiar are you with your finances? 

This is one of the first questions I ask my clients when we start working together - and you’d be surprised how many say they don’t know what they’ve got coming in or going out - but what they do know is that they’re worried about it. 

The thing is, if we leave it up to our monkey mind to ‘guesstimate’ what’s going on, we will always be fed with fear and doubt and this desperation to get more and more and more. 

When you actually look at the figures though, what is actually going on, you’ve got a really clear idea of what needs to change. As I’ve seen in about 90% of cases - the figures are WAY better than you imagine. Clients have literally high-fived themselves once they’ve given themselves the opportunity to check in on the numbers. 

So, crunch your numbers. Check in with a fine tooth comb on what’s really going on in there - I know it can be scary to do if you’ve been avoiding so far, but it’s way less scary once you actually feel like you have a grip on things and can come from a place of facts and evidence than made up monkey mind fears. And hey, you might even high-five yourself when you realise what’s been going down. 

2. Where were you at this time last year? 

It’s so easy to just keep looking forwards and pushing on, without taking a hot-minute to reflect on where you’ve been and how far you’ve come. Take to your journal and give yourself the space to really remind yourself of what you’ve achieved and made happen within a year, be that personally or professionally. What have been your highlights of the past year? What challenges have you overcome? What did you think was impossible this time last year that you’ve now completed?

I actually record a video diary entry every quarter to watch back on so I have a constant reminder of where I’m at, how I’m feeling and what my dreams are - it really helps me stay on track and feel even more connected to past me and her reality in the moment. 

3. Who have you had to become + what brave leaps have you had to take, in order to be where you are now? 

Journal on this question and see what comes up for you. Nailing down some specifics is super helpful in really dialling down on your progress. For me for example, I’ve had to become the kind of woman who exercises AT LEAST THREE TIMES A WEEK. Who does 10,000 steps a day. Who eats well and who prioritises her health over anything else. Who even am I? And the brave leaps I’ve had to take are a) financially, in committing to personal training sessions so regularly and on an ongoing basis. And b) to actually allow myself to be the kind of woman who has a personal trainer twice a week. There was a time where that would have been laughable - like ‘who do I think I am?’ - but these days it’s a non-negotiable and that feels really monumental. 

Give yourself some space and time over the next few days to sit down and reflect with these questions as your guide. When you can truly see the progress you’re making, it helps you spur you on to see what else is possible. There’s always a next level, after all. But building yourself up with this kind of measure is the key to moving into that next phase with confidence and enthusiasm. 

I’d love to hear your answers / insights / realisations. If you’d be up for sharing them with me, simply hit ‘reply’ to this email. I respond to them all :) 

Here’s to progress over perfection. And stopping long enough to give yourself some credit along your journey.


Sophie x

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