Time To Get Real With Yourself [4 Things To Check In On If You're Not Seeing The Results You Want]

You’ve got to be real and honest with yourself. And while it’s HARD. It can also actually make you feel better. 

This week I had my measurements taken again at PT and I’d lost one inch on a couple of places in the last couple of weeks. And I was MAD about it. I instantly went to ‘what’s the point?’ ‘why isn’t this working?’ ‘i want better results and faster!’ - I practically stamped my foot and threw a Verruca Salt!

But after I’d gotten over myself - I took a reality check. 

I’ve been really on it for two weeks yes, but the two weeks before that? I was on holiday, and eating out a lot, enjoying the summer sun and the summer cider that came along with it… 

So actually - to have lost an inch in a month where for only two weeks I was actually putting in the work I would say: YES, GOOD JOB. 

But it’s the same with business huh? A client this week said to me she felt frustrated with herself because she hadn’t met a goal she’d set herself for August, but then she actually worked it out that she’d only worked 7 days of the month. So to be beating herself for not meeting a big goal was not only not serving her, but it wasn’t a fair reflection either. 

It can be so easy for us to go: ’this isn’t working’ and ‘maybe i’ll just give up now’ but CHECK THE REALITY. 

Are you really putting in as much as you could be? 

Here are some reminders for you to check-in with when you’re feeling in a funk and like maybe it’s not working out - to help you ask yourself if actually, maybe you’re not working it...

1. Are you looking after your mind and getting into a good state every day? 

If your monkey mind isn’t tamed on the regular, it will run riot and tell you all kinds of dumb things that will not support you in growing your business. 

Nurturing and nourishing your mind with good things, positive feelings, great reminders in the form of books, podcasts and audios is such a great way to keep yourself on track. 

2. What’s your commitment level? 

If there’s always a plan B in the back of your mind like: 'well, I could just go and do this instead' or ‘I don’t really need the money’ or ‘well if it doesn’t work out then at least I tried’ then your subconscious is going to be listening to that and throwing it up whenever times get hard. You’ve got to COMMIT.

Can you imagine if you heard anyone going into their wedding day saying any of the things above? Alarm bells would be ringing and you’d be leaning over to your boyfriend to whisper “I give it a year!”

Want it. Want it with all your heart. And decide you’re going to do whatever it takes to make it work! 

3. Are you being consistent with your visibility?

I know the pattern - cos’ I’ve experienced it myself so many times - you’re on a roll, practically living on insta stories or with a fresh grid, and then, life happens or you run out of ideas or you feel like you’re talking to crickets or you get your period and so you just…stop. And you wonder why no-one is getting in touch. And then you’ve got to gear yourself up all over again. 

Consistency is KEY in building your profile and your know, like and trust factor (the reason people buy from you online.)

I get that you don’t feel like being on all the time - me niether - and that’s why I schedule videos / instagram posts and newsletters in advance so I know on the two weeks every month where I don’t always feel like showing up (during pre-menstrual / menstruation) usually - I can still be being present and sharing a message and sharing value. 

4. Are you reassessing and resetting your goals? 

You aren’t always going to meet your goals. There, I said it. And you have to get more and more ok with that. I used to struggle so much with setting income goals because I’d feel like a failure if I didn’t hit them - but actually they supported me to stretch out of my comfort zone and practise seeing what was possible which was the best training ever for - seeing what was possible! Some months I surpassed my scary goals and others I got no way near - but two things helped here: 

  • Getting used to resetting and reassessing every single month. Again if you think about a weight loss goal for example - imagine if at the end of the month you hadn’t hit it and you were like ‘oh that’s it, forget it’ (like so many do!) - it’s never going to work like that. No - you review what worked and what didn’t, you get really honest with yourself about where things need to shift, you check in with where your mindset is at, you get back on the horse and you go again. 

  • Getting used to setting a bigger goal than I actually believed was possible. Yes - this actually helped. It would help me get used to not hitting what I’d set myself while also being really thrilled that I’d gone for gold and surpassed my expectations. If you set yourself a goal, chances are you’ll only work to get to that goal or generally just under it - that goal is almost your ‘ceiling’ to what you’re working towards, and so you might not be open to any more or any bigger. When you stretch your ceiling goal though - you’ve got a better chance at matching or surpassing the goal you actually want. 

    i.e. let’s say you wanted to make £3k per month: setting a goal of £5k is ideal because it scares the pants off you for starters and brings up all your ‘limits’ which are really helpful to know so you can work through them. Then, it helps you feel like £3k is more achievable after all compared to £5k - which is hugely helpful for your mindset and to start believing it. AND it means that between £3k-£5k is what you start thinking about and getting used to as an average - which helps your brain to make that the new normal and therefore easier to make happen.

  • Setting a good, better and best goal is such a gem! This way, it helps you in not being so attached to the outcome! What would be a good goal to meet that you’d be happy with (and that would meet your business income needs?) What would be better than that that you’d do a little happy dance about? And what would be best case scenario - that big stretchy stretch goal that might make you do a little excited wee?! 

Nothing is a hard and fast rule remember - it’s a goal because it’s what you’re aiming for - but as they say: ‘shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land amongst the stars.’

Big goals and visions are not always set for the purpose of GETTING them right NOW - they can hugely support you in training your mind to think bigger and opening it up to all kinds of opportunities and directions you couldn’t have even imagined - they can send you towards even better things! 

What reality checks resonated with you? Where can you perhaps be turning things up even 1% more? Where haven’t you been putting in what you can? Where have you been holding yourself back?

To get some pep talks and power juice for dreaming up what you want and keeping your mind in a positive place, head over here for meditations + visualisations to fire up your ‘I can effing do this muscle’ on the daily!

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