The Crush The Can’t Club

When the loneliness of working for yourself kicks in, you realise you haven’t spoken to another human all day, and find yourself taking most advice from your cat, you know it’s time to find a new place to hang out where you can:

  • meet awesome business women that ‘get it’ (so you can stop trying to explain to your Mum what you do on your laptop all day)

  • ask for advice on your latest tricky client (and be taught to set your boundaries, stay firm, and stand your ground)

  • get pep-talks when you need them (from someone other than your boyfriend who is getting increasingly impatient with your meltdowns),

  • celebrate your wins with people who understand just how big a deal it is to stay productive for an entire day AND manage to make lunch and wash your hair

  • feel on-fire excited about your business & life, show up as your magnificent self, make more money, work less hours and enjoy a hustle-free joy-rich time.

Then get your cute butt in here already!

This online private members club is specifically for women who are committed to: squashing self-doubt, unlocking and owning their superpowers, crafting their magnetic message, and sharing their bright beautiful selves with the world!

It’s for women who are ready to BRING IT and go deeper into what’s holding them back, ‘crush the can’t’ in their head and shimmy on up to the next level!

Like all great clubs, you can expect cocktails of awesome galore, all the best people, and the chance to unleash your most fabulous self on the dance-floor.  (But the best bit about THIS club? You get to stay in your pj’s!)



When you join the club, you’ll get:

  • Access to a private members Facebook group to get high-vibe disco-balling motivation, tips, talks, advice you need for your best life & business! (You’ll need to be prepared to scare your own pants off!)

  • Access to a LIVE monthly 2-hour training masterclass with me, on all things from mastering the mean voice in your head, to crafting your compelling brand message, to making moolah on Instagram, to stepping up your public speaking game without wanting to vom. (Usually £35-£55 each!)

  • Challenges & trainings to propel you from the back of the queue you’ve been putting yourself in for way too long, and into the VIP area of your life!

  • Super cool initiation tasks for you to do to get you started (hula hoops may or may not be involved)...but you won't know what they are until you get inside!

  • Interviews with guest experts to help you make your mark in the world, activate your superpowers and dazzle like a disco ball!

  • A support group of megababes to dance alongside with as we navigate this thing called business

  • Access to me and your fabulous new girlfriends to provide pep talks through whatever crying in the toilets you might be doing

  • First look and inside offers to all the cool events, workshops, masterclasses, meet-ups and masterminds coming up in 2019!

Your initiation tasks will be revealed upon entry to help you ‘crush the can’t’ in your head in super bum-clenching yet exhilarating ways! Join us to find out what they are!


There is a cost. Because we all know that to fully show up in anything we have to put some skin in the game ;)

There’s a one-off cost of £150 for the year which is the cheapest option.

Or, you can pay in monthly instalments, at £15 a month, which is the most flexible option.

The choice is yours!

Club capacity: 100 people! (so it’s super intimate, you get seen and heard & not lost in the crowd!)

£150 for the year

£35 initial set-up fee, then £15 p/m