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Imagine if you could wake up with that fire in your belly every damn day.

In the kind of life + business where you:

Feel aligned and excited about what’s to come

Trust in yourself + ride the magic wave of creation

Feel ‘in flow’ instead of busy + stressed all. of. the. time

Show up with confidence in yourself + your work


It might seem a million miles away from how you’ve been feeling recently - but it’s not.

There are just a couple of inner switches that need to be flicked in order to activate your inner fire. And I’m so excited to help you tune in + turn on your light!

This immersive masterclass is designed for you if you’re feeling:

  • directionless in your business + unsure where to go next

  • stuck in your ways with your brain feeling like Heathrow Airport flight path

  • confused by all the questions in your head about how to work with clients, where they are, what to charge

  • whether you’re not selling your offers because you’ve got money blocks or because you deep down don’t even want to be doing them in the way you are now…

  • you’re starting to question it all and the procrastination spiral continues

And the more you get stuck in your head - the more you reevaluate everything and consider burning it all to the ground.

It might feel like you need an action plan to get you back on track. But the way I see it: without that fire in your belly or the spark in your eye, it’s not long until you burn out altogether.

When you get the spark and the fire back, you strike the match of MAGIC and your next right actions unfold!

Send out the flares because I’m here to help you reactivate the clarity, confidence + magic in your business so you can feel ALL FIRED UP for your every day, and sell your awesome stuff with ease!

As an NLP Master Practitioner, hypnotherapist, performance coach + business mentor, I’ve had the pleasure of supporting 100’s of women to reignite their inner fire, figure out what they truly want, and make it happen with everything they’ve got.

When you feel aligned, ignited and excited from the inside out - you become a beacon for the things you want, a flare for your ideal clients + a feel lit up with LOVE for yourself and your work again.

You’re fed up.

You want to feel FIRED UP.

Let’s make that happen, pronto!


24th - 28th June 2019

LIVE, online - in a pop-up online classroom!

You’re going to discover:

  • Powerful NLP techniques to uncover and unblock the negative voice in your head that’s keeping you stuck (and turn your fear into FLAMES!)

  • What you need to STOP doing in order to move forward

  • How to get aligned with what YOU actually want (and not what everyone on Instagram is up to!)

  • Superpower tools to not only ignite your inner fire but maintain the momentum day after day!

  • The fierce + fiery foundations you need in place before you open, announce, launch or start ANYTHING!


I’ll be walking you through a 4-step process to burn your bullshit, fire up your vision, spark your superpowers and activate a magic-activating plan to bring it all to life!

You’ll leave with diamond-cut clarity on your next steps, a fire under your ass kinda confidence, and the tools to keep your momentum flowing hot and strong (just like wildfire!)

  • No more throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks

  • No more scrolling through Instagram with a mind full of everyone else’s stuff and losing sight of what you even want

  • No more feeling like you’re growing more and more resentful about the way things are every day

  • No more asking: ‘shall I just give up already?’

  • No more feeling ‘meh’ about everything going on

You’ve been feeling flat, and it’s time to feel ON FIRE!


Monday 24th, Weds 26th, Fri 28th June 2019


LIVE, online - in a pop-up online classroom!

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