Unf*ckwithable Words

My business bible for tricky client conversations and common business hiccups! This is a bloody wonderful collection of scripts that I am SO very thankful for. While it provides hundreds of different tricky business scenarios and scripts for how to handle them, in doing so it also actually gives you permission to be the boss, to make the rules, and to let your customers know who is in charge (in the politest, most diplomatic, fun and powerful ways.) 

I’m an affiliate for this download because I’ve used it so much, you can get your hands on a copy of these awesome business scripts here.


Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp

However you feel about money, you can be certain that it's dictating your earning potential and your behaviour around money. Us women in particular have collected a whole host of  money blocks and damaging stories around money, and it's time we learned how to create empowering money stories so we can stop overworking and undercharging and instead earn the money we desire, so we can make an impact on the world. 

The Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp has been a total game-changer for me, and this, teamed with help from 1:1 mentors, helped me move from charging by the hour and struggling to earning more in a month than I had in a year! So yep, I'd recommend it. Find out What Your Biggest Money Block is right here. 

Melissa Ambrosini Meditations

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