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“You’ve inspired me more than you’ll ever know. I’m doing things that had been on my mind and ‘on my list’ for years. You’ve helped me to accept things that deep down I knew were there but I didn’t really want to admit, but you’ve done it in such an elegant and sophisticated way and allowed me to come to those conclusions for myself. 

Already my life has started to change because of you and everything you’ve done. I couldn't ask for any more in a coach, absolutely phenomenal."

Zoe Brown, Vegan Beauty & Wellbeing Blogger

“Sophie made me realise that dreams can be real and that I didn't have to be stuck doing something which caused me emotional pain. She helped me break down my fears and work out ways to overcome them, she helped me question my doubts and have faith in my ability. 

She helped me realise what was preventing me from achieving my goals and taught me ways to address them. If it wasn't for Sophie I wouldn't have had the courage in myself to go after my dream and start to make it a reality. She has literally helped change my life.” 

- Hannah Warwick, Founder of 9 Hole Event Hire

"Working with Sophie as my coach has been absolutely amazing for me and my business. I’m a photographer, and before I met Sophie, I had a big list of goals I wanted to achieve, and was really struggling with my confidence and the motivation to make them happen. So I realised I couldn’t do it on my own anymore and needed some extra support, which is when I found Sophie, and she’s been absolutely incredible ever since. I knew that we’d be a good fit because she has such an amazing positive energy that’s infectious, and even just being around her for an hour, makes you believe you can take on the world, which is an amazing quality in a coach. And it has been so true...

She’s really boosted my confidence and helped me to believe in myself, which has led to me being able to increase my prices and get booked out a few months in advance, which is something I really wanted to achieve in our time together. I’ve also been a lot more intentional about the way I run my business, because she's taught me how to trust my intuition more, set really healthy boundaries, and loads of things I couldn’t have done on my own. I’ve really loved our experience working together, and I can’t believe how much I’ve achieved in such a short time. Sophie always has the right thing to say, whether you’ve got a win to celebrate, or you’re in a difficult situation and you’re not sure how to deal with it, she’s always on hand to help out and make you feel confident again that you’ve got this! I couldn’t recommend her enough as a coach, she’s absolutely amazing. Thank you Sophie for all your help!”

- Sophie Carefull, Personal Branding Photographer



"Sophie completely changed the projection of my life and my business.  She led me from the spark of the dream of my business that was stuck in constant fear, worry and uncertainty into a mindset that fuelled me to support myself and my business, which in turn has spilled over into a new level of support to my clientele.

My favourite part of our time together has to be the incredible VIP day where we worked fully on my business, what I want to create and what I need to get there, mindset, vision, dreams and planning. From my message to my website, every part of my business has been encouraged and supported by Sophie and I feel renewed and so driven in my business to continue to grow and flourish in new ways.  I have doubled my prices and my clients and continue to grow, expand to selling online and hosting my own workshop.

As well as all of that, Sophie really helped me to challenge and grow a mindset around money and finance that is just so much healthier and way more consistent than before using her NLP magic to help me break free from old patterns. I would advise anyone who needs to return to a feeling of flourishing instead of shrinking within their business to book in with Sophie now.”

Fenella Powell, Life Coach


"Sophie opens your eyes to all the possibilities you didn’t believe were there before. I gained a new confidence I didn’t know I had, discovered passions I didn’t know I had, and it set me on an exciting new path. I’m so much more positive - before I was just stuck in a sucky job and didn’t have the courage or motivation to leave. Now, I’ve quit my job, and I’m pursuing my biggest passion: writing! Because now it’s an option - a real option! Sophie helped me to discover that and to admit it to myself, and for that I’m so very grateful."

Samantha Hobson, Freelance Creative


"I wanted to thank you for all your help in our work together so far. As you know last year my head was a complete jumble of despair and I had lost a lot of confidence and was so confused about what I wanted to do. With your support I turned a big corner this year and was really able to focus on what I wanted and what I needed to do. 

In the past when I have applied for jobs I haven’t told anyone or if I have, have caveated it with ‘but I probably won’t get it’ as I haven’t wanted to look like a failure. With this interview I wasn’t so worried about telling people and had confidence in my ability and also wasn’t worried about the outcome. I wasn’t crippled with nerves as I have been in the past and kept it together in the run up to the interview. On the day, naturally I was nervous a bit but that was just a small thing that was to be expected rather than all I was thinking about. I was so calm and confident and I believe everything we worked on together led me to that point and it really worked as there were supposed to be three rounds of interviews but they offered me the role after the second one. (Now I’m just showing off!)."



“Sophie will make you feel empowered, positive & productive. She helps to clear the chaos and fog of daily life and really helps you get down to what is important, why you want it and what you need to do to get it, whether that’s in work or life. 

After our session, my brain was full of ideas and ultimately I felt so much clearer about the next steps I should be taking. I feel so much more in control of where my business is going. I’ve been given the push I needed to face the things I’ve been putting off and I want to say a huge thank you!”

Gabi Cox, Founder of Chroma Stationery

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