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Imagine if you could just wake up with clients that have booked and paid for what you have to offer. And you didn’t need to do a single ‘sales call’.


Let’s face it: we live in a world where our words do the talking for us. Businesses behind computer screens means that the best way for people to get to know us is: through what we say.

It’s also very very noisy on this here internet. Everyone has got something to say. Sometimes it feels like everyone is saying the same thing. And it’s easy to feel lost and disconnected and overwhelmed about what your message even is.

Getting clear on what you’ve got to say and how to say it best really is the difference between a paying business, and an expensive hobby.

But right now, I know that when it comes to writing about what you do, you feel:

Like you don’t recognise quite how much you can offer

You DO know how much you can offer but not how to express it clearly

Like you don’t want to look too ‘showy offy’ (technical term)

You feel like you’re regurgitating what other people have said before

You don’t know what makes you different

And you feel like you’ve been asking: ‘how do I explain what the f*ck it is I do?’ for way too long.

So you end up saying…nothing.

The blank page stares at you. Your instagram grid gathers dust. And as for your monthly newsletter? Try once every six-monthly if you’re lucky.

Well sound the alarm because your Word Witch is here to help you cast a magic spell on your writing so you can sell your awesome stuff! (AKA teach you how to write the kind of words that activate ACTION in your peeps.)

As a copywriting consultant and business coach, I’ve had the pleasure of supporting 100’s of businesses to nail their words and story so they can sell their brilliance, and naturally I utilise these skills in my own business too.

Last year I launched my coaching services, and had dream clients within a week. Earlier this year I launched my Magic Activation VIP Days, and sold all 6 spots within five days. And I know it’s because I’d gotten really clear about who they were for, what they were about, and I got people really excited about them. (BECAUSE I WAS EXCITED, TOO! TOP TIP #1: GET EXCITED ABOUT YOUR STUFF!) And this was all done through my words. I didn’t do a spot of video or lengthy promotional campaign.

2 x social media posts

3 x emails

All sold.

What I’m saying is that your words are really powerful. And when you get them working for you, you will be winning.


“Sophie this was really great and has helped me become really focused on what I can offer my clients! I struggle with getting my personality across when I write and this workshop has given me loads of great ideas! Thank you so much!” - Louise

“Thank you so much Sophie, this has been really helpful, so many great ideas!” - Claire

“Thank you so much Sophie, my head is buzzing with so many ideas after the masterclass! I can’t wait to put it all into action!” - Sadie

“Thank you Sophie! I was scribbling notes furiously and you've made me really think about stuff that hadn't occurred to me before! Feeling so inspired, and a fire in my belly!” - Rosie

How To Write Words So Well, They Sell

In this power-packed 2 hour masterclass, you’re going to receive:

  • How to get really clear on who you are and what you stand for

  • How to cut out the noise and reconnect with what YOU actually have to say

  • How to get clear on WHO your client is and what they’re looking for

  • How to speak to them in your website & content

  • How to get clients shouting at their computer screen: ‘YES THAT’S ME, HOW CAN I PAY YOU TO HELP ME?!’

I’ll be walking you through a 4-step process to getting clarity about who you’re talking to and how to sell yourself through the words you write. (Without sounding like an outdated PPI TV commercial.)

You’ll leave with a breakdown on what to say, how to say it, and plenty of tips and techniques to get your words doing the hard work for you!

  • No more staring at a blank page on your computer screen trying to come up with content that feels forced and awkward

  • No more scrolling through Instagram with a mind full of everyone else’s stuff and no idea whether you’re even the remotest bit original or just regurgitating what you’ve read

  • No more feeling like your only chance of being seen or heard is to be everywhere all of the time (cue burnout and boredom!)

  • No more feeling like you’re talking to a brick wall and ‘is anyone even out there?’ and ‘shall I just give up already?’

  • No more sad and lonely bank account that feels increasingly like a black hole of worry and feeds your ‘will this ever work?’ doubt you suspect your family are also sneakily asking




Let your words do the work for you.


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