(a.k.a. the rocket-fuel for your business + belly-fire)

With Sophie French, Mindset + Business Coach

The Magic Activation Mastermind is an immersive + intensive 4 days of breakthrough business coaching + strategic support designed to get you out of a rut and into something more like a fairytale. (Just without the Prince Charming, because you have ALL the charm you need.) 

Together, we’ll be fully focused on simplifying + upgrading your entire business so you can get some essential objectivity, clear out the crap, re-discover your core desires, re-ignite your inner fire, and map out an exciting + achievable action plan to bring your most magical life + business to fruition.


Business can feel jump-out-of-bed juicy. You can do work you’re proud of and feel fulfilled when your head hits the cotton pillow each night. And you can get paid generously for the heart, soul, and hot-damn expertise you put in without working all the hours under the sun. (And the moon.)

Take my hand, firecracker, I’m about to show you how.


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The Vibe

12 kindred spirits

Sunrise yoga

Confidence coaching

Transformative group chats around the fire

Private strategy sessions

Ideas scribbled in notebooks

Dreaming big

Infectious laughter


Delicious food

Quiet time

Getting shit done

Champagne in the pool

Mindset training


Angel cards

Releasing inner confidence


Brand + marketing workshops


Your Magic Activation Plan


Business + life before the Magic Activation Mastermind looks a little lot like this…

  • A diary packed to the brim with calls, doubts, client work, questions, creating social media content, coffee, designing graphics, hiding, writing emails, anxiety, sending proposals out, and avoiding sending proposals out. Being busy and getting paid for it was the dream situation when you started your business a year or two ago... wasn’t it? Funny, because there seems to be zero time left for enjoying life.

  • A wave of overwhelm every time you even glance at your to-do list. Sometimes, it even makes your stomach sink. When did that fierce fire for your work turn into more of a flicker?

  • A million ideas fizzing away in your head and not knowing where to start with any of them. So you either do nothing, even though you know one of them would take your business to that next level… or you try to start them all! Congratulations, that’s a surefire way to frazzle yourself.

  • A deep feeling that *something* needs to change in your business, but you’re not sure what. Or how. Or even why... How the heck do you make change happen without burning everything that’s good to the ground?

  • A mean voice in your head saying “that won’t work, you twit,” “they’re soooo much better than you, you can’t even compare so why bother,” “they seriously have their shit together and all you’ve done today is scroll through Instagram in your pyjamas,” and, of course, “who do you think you are???

  • A crippling inability to pursue what you really want because that mean voice is stopping you, or you’ve got so caught up in what the internet says you “should” do that you’ve forgotten what you actually want to do.

  • A wish that you could foster deeper connections with other like-minded women who have the very same overwhelm, the very same voices in their head, the very same feeling that *something* needs to change, and the very same wish to foster deeper connections with other like-minded women.

Sound about right? Here’s the thing. Without the fire in your belly or the spark in your eye, it’s not going to be long before you burn out altogether. (If you haven’t already.)

You’re getting FED UP with being overwhelmed, talking to yourself unkindly, constantly holding yourself back, and feeling more and more confused.

You want to be FIRED UP with clarity on what’s next and how to get there, human connections that spark your inspiration, and tummy-flipping confidence about what you’re truly capable of. Because, babe, you’re capable of VOLCANIC things.

So let’s make them happen, pronto.

It was life-changing. I left feeling like the best version of myself. Signing up for the retreat was the best decision I’ve made in a long time.
— - Verity Gaida, Freelance Writer & Blogger

Business + life AFTER the Magic Activation Mastermind looks more like this…

  • Waking up with soul-sizzling motivation for what your day involves – and it involves waaaaay more white space and relaxation than ever before. Hustle? What hustle? There’s only harmony now. YOU run your business, your business doesn’t run you.

  • The sharpest clarity on what’s next for your business and how to focus on that ONE thing so you see results faster, but still at your own natural pace. You’re still in disbelief over how simple and exciting navigating aligned change is. Feeling stuck is so last season.

  • Talking to yourself like a best friend. Unwavering belief… encouraging support… courageous truths. You’re your own biggest fan now and somehow releasing yourself from the comparison trap makes you feel UNSTOPPABLE.  

  • Deeply understanding what your superpowers are, how to confidently communicate them to your people in an irresistible way, and how to make more money from them without taking on more clients.

  • Working ONLY with clients you adore, doing work you adore, and earning money that allows you to do and have things you adore. Soul-sucking conversations and activities? Gone. Calendar of dream clients and bulging bank balance? Your new normal.

  • Connecting on a seriously beautiful soul-level with women who just get you and who you know have your back from now until forever. How you managed without this support system before, you’ll never know. You just thank the stars you have it now.

  • Yes, the Magic Activation Mastermind is about business AND life. Because one’s blood runs straight through the other. When you feel on top of the world, shining bright like a diamond and feeling like Rihanna in her underpants, business erupts with opportunity, life is full of pinch-me moments, and it all blends together into a cocktail of deliciousness. Much like an Espresso Martini. (There will definitely be a few of those in France.)

You’ll arrive at the eco-chic French maison as a limitless businesswoman and leave as a businesswoman who actually believes she’s limitless.

Here’s what else is waiting for you on the Magic Activation Mastermind.


You want to move forward, but you just… can’t. What’s up with that?! I’ll tell you – the BS you’re letting take the driving seat! To gain momentum, you’ve first got to understand what self-sabotaging stories, patterns, doubts, and behaviours are holding you back, and then actively burn them to the ground, literally and metaphorically! (Fire is my FAVE 🔥)

If you know you’re ready for the next step but the voice in your head reels off a list of reasons why it’s not possible for you, you are going to looooove day 1. By the end, you won’t be worried about what other people might think, you won’t be questioning whether you’re worthy, and you won’t be deafened by your fears. Instead, you’ll see a clear path towards the badass business and glorious life that you daydream about before bed.

I’ll be guiding you through powerful processes of neuro-linguistic programming to help you burn that BS and rewire your mind to expand into YOUR version of success. You can’t even IMAGINE what’s possible for you yet!


Let's face it, when you're sitting behind your desk each day (even though half of your time is spent scrolling Insta), it's so easy to forget: A) why you’re doing this whole business thing, B) the endless possibilities available to you and for you, and C) the incredible, unique gifts YOU bring to the table.

Day 2 is focused on re-lighting that fire* in your belly and OWNING the special superpowers you have to offer. No more feeling bored out of your mind with mundane work. No more lurches of dread when THAT client drops into your inbox. Your ultimate vision is about to get LIT.

The techniques I’ll share with you will make it easy to figure out what you REALLY want, drum up white-hot enthusiasm about your day, every day, fizz with excitement about the clients and projects you’re going to be working on, and create a money-making plan to match. When we’re done, you’ll know exactly what makes you stand out in your industry (and how to leverage it), you’ll be armed with ideas on how to bring your brilliance to the forefront of your business, and your self-belief cup will be positively overflowing. Selling your superpowers has never felt so fun!

*Apologies in advance, but Take That won’t be part of the mastermind


Now that you’re feeling too hot to handle, we’ll naturally need somewhere to put all that heat. Day 3 has the answer! During a 1:1 strategy meeting with me and a series of group workshops with me and my hand-selected marketing + branding experts (more on them below!), you’ll put together an all-fired-up Magic Activation Plan to bring your vision to life in the most fun and aligned way.

That means you’ll leave the mastermind knowing exactly what your next steps are and where to focus your attention and action for the next 3-6 months. When your bullshit has been burnt to the ground, your confidence in sharing your superpowers is sky-high, and your actions come from a place of intention, you become a force to be reckoned with. Just like wildfire. Soon, those people you’ve been *so* wanting to work with will know your name.

And that, my darling firecracker, is how we make a mega-dose of magic together. You’re about to become a flare for your DREAM clients and tumble in love with yourself and your work again.

Woah, are you salivating? Wait till you taste the French food... Here’s exactly what’s included in your ticket to the Magic Activation Mastermind.

  • A power-packed 4-day retreat in an eco-chic French farmhouse in the South of France, with 10 of the internet’s most-wanted (in a good way) women. Think deep business conversations on cosy sofas by the fire, delicious lunches overlooking the countryside, and evening champagne celebrations and reflections by the pool. Wherever we are, we’ll be devising a way out of the stuff that’s sapping your soul, redesigning what it is you really, really want, and success-mapping a master plan to make it happen.

  • ME! A suitably fiery red-head guiding you through the wonderful world of mindset, marketing, money, and activating the magic you’ve got to share. We’ll be masterminding alongside other business megababes on your wavelength to ensure you get a turbo-boost of unshakeable confidence as we work through what needs to happen to get you visible in a BIG way!

  • Private coaching with me, and group coaching with me + my hand-selected experts. You’ll learn practical and powerful tools to get over your fears as well as business mapping strategies to ensure your passion meets profit and you know exactly what to do to reach your big goals.

  • A Magic Activation Plan that includes your short-term and long-term goals along with the exact actions you need to take to reach them. You’ll complete this throughout the mastermind and have it to take home with you. Trust me, it won’t be one of those plans you shove in a drawer and forget about. This will become your business bible.  

  • Expert Session 1: Instagram Impact Masterclass. Brand Photographer, Sophie Carefull, will be running an immersive Instagram training to help you get the most out of your online presence. She’ll also take you on a guided photowalk in the stunning French countryside and show you how to take scroll-stopping photos with your phone and pair them with captivating captions. So you’ll go home with tons of beautiful content for your feed to last AGES!

  • Expert session 2: Marketing + Strategy Workshop. My marketing expert of choice, Rachael Miller will show you how to put ‘inspired action’ into your manifesting. Because what do you need once you’re all fired up with a vision + belief - a plan and a strategy to set it OFF! Rachael will be bringing her knowledge from planning campaigns for million pound budgets and how to apply those to small businesses for success!

  • Facebook group access to me + your retreat sisters for 30 days following the mastermind. This will be to share your wins and updates (brace yourself, there will be sooooo many!) AND to keep you accountable to the goals you set and the plans you made in France. We all know that a plan without action does not make magic come to life.

  • Full board accommodation in a chic French farmhouse that will have you taking a deep + luscious exhale as the sun streams through the shutters and you take in the quiet of the sunflower-lined countryside escape.

  • All breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, bubbles, chats, and SURPRISES!


***PLUS, you’ll get a 20-minute brand photo shoot with Sophie Carefull, Global Personal Branding Photographer***

When you’re showing up in a high-impact way, you’ll want high-impact photos to match. Sophie is the best at capturing confidence, even if you don’t feel confident in front of a camera. Sophie takes ALL my brand photos and I can’t quite believe she said yes to this because the value is not far off the cost of the whole mastermind ticket!!!


AND you’ll get daily yoga sessions with Krupa Shikotra in the countryside yoga studio to help you tap into your magic! (See also: champagne in the pool.)

Krupa will help you reconnect with your inner bliss through a delicious morning yoga practise. Switch off that whirring mind, get back to taking care of yourself, and set yourself up for massive calm success. Radical relaxation will supercharge your soul and help you embody all of your A-HA moments as the sun comes up each day.

Listen. When I say magic, I mean it. This is about so much more than the day to day of your business. This is about dancing with your dreams, reconnecting with your soul, taking a look at what you’re truly, deeply craving, and giving yourself permission to immerse yourself in the things that light you up like a f***ing Christmas tree.




[Payment plan option available]


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Are you excited yet? I sure am! 



I just feel completely different - really confident in who I am - and that’s spilling over into the rest of my life. It really was a complete mindset reset.
— - Verity Gaida, Blogger & Freelance Features Writer
Sophie is incredible - she has the most amazing way of calling out what you need, she is so intuitive and gets to the point of what needs to be explored at that moment in time - she knows where you need to go and she’ll take you there.
I wanted to put a bit of energy back into my business which I hadn’t been doing at home, I wanted to have that escape and a real nurturing place to focus and regroup - and oh did I get that... BEYOND EXPECTATION.
— Emma Hodgson - The Lifestyle Coach


Got questions? Let’s chat!

If you’re the kind of gal who would love a quick cuppa and a chat before securing your spot, you can totally do that by dropping me an email to

 But be quick, cos’ these spots are going to get snapped up!


the emotional + the practical

I don’t feel like I deserve this

I’ve been there and I get it. You’re so used to caring for others or having your head down in the trenches 'doing the work' that focusing on YOU and the bigger picture isn’t something you’re used to. What I can promise is that you absolutely deserve this. Your life is precious, and it should be lived with joy, and you more than anyone deserves to feel great in yourself. It’s your time.

I want things to change, but the thought also scares me

As human beings, we are always resistant to change, because change keeps us comfortable. In order to get past this totally normal resistance, I’d invite you to ask yourself: which is more terrifying - the thought of change, or the thought of staying exactly the same and continuing in a spiral of self-doubt? I’m assuming it’s the latter, which means you’re so ready for this change, and I’m here to support you every step of the way.



Flights are not included but are super reasonable and current searches are ranging from £50-£100 return to Bordeaux from London/UK airports. Bordeaux will be the airport to fly into.


Accommodation in the chateaux is on a shared twin room basis with en-suite.


All of your meals are catered for during your stay so you can simply put your feet up and enjoy! All dietary requirements are catered for.