Life & Business Coach Sophie French will teach, inspire and empower you to ‘Crush The Can’t’ in your head, so you can stop limiting yourself and dare to pursue the things you’ve always wanted with confidence.  

Her soulful yet straight-talking approach to less of the mean, more of the self-assured magnificence, will help you uncover what’s really holding you back from living out your dreams, will provide you with practical tools to diminish that mean voice in your mind, expand your confidence and reignite the fire in your belly to get moving and make things happen! 

Her talks have been described as: ‘captivating, inspiring and engaging’, and your audience will leave feeling ready to take on the world, with the practical and powerful tools to activate their desires and sustain the momentum.

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I’m here to help you stop settling for dissatisfied or mediocre in your life and/or business, to dare to veer from the path, to want what you want with all your heart AND to cultivate the confidence to make it happen. Think about it: the only thing holding you back from what you really want is, well, you, right? So I’m here to support you to get out of your own way, to uncover the who, what, where behind that mean voice in your head that limits you, and how you can ‘crush it’ to create a beautiful life you want to kiss. 

Audiences can expect to feel: energised, uplifted, shifted, educated, pulsing with passion to get moving, and unstoppable in their quest to pursue what they really want. 

The toolkit I share through my speaking topics will provide powerful, insightful and impactful ways to ‘crush the can’t’ in your head, and take back control of your mind so you can back yourself, instead of attack yourself. 

Topics include but are not limited to: 

+ How To Crush The Can’t In Your Head 

+ Less Stress, More YES 

+ How To Create A Vision For Your Brand


Why Me? 

I help women with big ideas, but little time and focus, to ‘crush the can’t’ in their head, so they can finally bring those secret dreams, passions and ambitions to life.  

To date, I've helped over 100 women to master the magic combo of marketing, mindset and making it happen, so they can stop being a slave to their business, and get back to being the boss.  

My clients have quit jobs, launched businesses, earned £10k months, reduced their hours, bought the puppy, been booked out months in advance, booked THAT dream retreat in Ibiza just because...as they’ve learned how to master the mean voice in their head, to give themselves permission to want what they want, and the action steps to create their own version of a dream income AND lifestyle.  

As well as a life coach, I’m a neuro-linguistic programming master practitioner, which means I’ve got secret simple super-tools to share with you on how you can really get down to the core of what’s going on in your mind, and change it so you can back yourself instead of attack yourself. You’ll be fully equipped with a mindset boosting toolkit to fuel your self-belief cup whenever you need it. 

Whether it be via my YouTube Channel, Daily Facebook Lives, speaking nationwide, or running my Events, Retreats & Client VIP Days, my passion lies in engaging and connecting with like-minded ambitious women and men and supporting them to activate confidence in every area of themselves and their lives. 

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