your beautiful, bulletproof business 


(It's time to start feeling incredible in everything you do. And also, to stop taking any shit.)

Let’s face it: you're tired of letting other people dictate your time and energy. You've forgotten that you're the *boss* of your business and life, and you're saying ‘ oh, ok!’ to a million things, when what you really mean is ‘Oh, HELL NO!’

I’m serious when I say: it’s time for you to set the boundaries and create the business and life that YOU set the rules on.

Because you keep promising that 'one day' you'll cut loose that soul-sucking client. That 'one day' you'll raise your prices. That 'one day' you'll come up from the day to day of business to take a breath. That ‘one day’ you’ll get focused on what you really want.

Well that one day is today. 

You’re incredible, creative, driven as hell, and you know you want more for yourself than you’re experiencing right now.

You're feeling frazzled by thinking you have to be everywhere online, and you don’t know where to put your focus.

You're undercharging, over-delivering, overwhelmed - and it's seriously taking its toll. (See: resentful.)

You're taking on work you don't even like anymore because you feel like you 'should'. 

And quite frankly: this isn't what you had in mind when you dreamed up your business and lifestyle. 


“You, along with every other living thing, are supposed to take up space on the planet.” - Jen Sincero

It’s time for you to get support, to learn how to believe in yourself, to get focused and fierce about what you want, so you can make it a reality. Because YOU, are supposed to live the big, beautiful, creative, abundant and chin-drippingly delicious life you dream of.

Can you imagine the ideas you’d finally make happen, the level of service you’d be able to provide and the kind of lifestyle you could lead, if you had someone by your side giving you the:

+ courage, clarity + focus to bring your ideas to life
+ lowdown on what’s holding you back and powerful work to rewire and change it for good
+ unshakeable confidence to own your worth and your work so you can charge prices that feel so good

+ strategy on how to get it done efficiently and effectively so you can have plenty of guilt-free time for fun and freedom

+ marketing & copywriting know-how to help you captivate your clients with ease

+ accountability to do the damn thing so you stay on track and propel things forwards consistently

+ consistent motivation and momentum boosts
+ fierce belief in YOU and what you’re truly capable of (because, let’s face it, you’ve got so many gifts to share with the world, and it’s time you stopped keeping them secret.)



3-6 Months 1:1 Coaching

BEAUTIFUL :because it'll feel delicious in every area

BULLETPROOF: because you'll no longer take any sh*t


The 6 month coaching programme that will walk you step by step through a transformation of your mind, support you to uncover what you really want, teach you how to believe in yourself with unshakeable confidence, how to take your dreams from your head to your real life.


Together we’ll:


+ explore your vision and uncover what it is you really actually want (so you can dare to dream for yourself again)

+ create an action plan towards your goals (so you can start taking steps straight away)

+ Keep you on track and accountable (because let’s face it, when you're in the day to day of your business, you don't have time to think about what's ahead)

+ cultivate the confidence and self-belief so you can make it happen (because the constant comparison you're plugging into online is sapping the last bit you got) 

+ Create powerful, purposeful, profitable action steps towards your dreams (so you can raise your prices, own your worth + feel great about it)

+ Explore and uncover what’s really holding you back from what you want (and rid those pesky limits with rapid effect)

+ Discover what you really enjoy and how to bring more of that to your life (because amongst business, you've forgotten what it is you even like anymore)

+ Unlock & eliminate the mean voice in your head that tells you ‘you can’t’ (because I know she’s loud, but you get to take back control)



So, who am I and how can I help you?


I’m Sophie French, a life & business coach and speaker on a mission to help talented, creative, women like you to unlock and unleash their full potential. (Because I know you’re not even scratching the surface on what you’re truly capable of.) I swapped my corporate PR high-heels for flip-flops and travelled the world, only to discover there was so much more to life than I’d been led to believe on my ‘steady’ life path.


Since then, I’ve trained as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, become a qualified Life Coach and built a thriving copywriting consultancy and coaching practice:which means I know my stuff when it comes to clearing out the pesky ‘can’t’ in your head that holds you back from your dreams.

To date I’ve helped hundreds of women discover a confidence in themselves they didn’t know they had, to start rediscovering who they are, what they really dream of, and how to make it happen.

My clients have quit jobs, started businesses (yes, plural!), launched events, doubled and tripled their monthly income, started their blog, booked themselves onto THAT dream retreat to Ibiza just because, and much more, because they’ve learned how to put themselves and their dreams first.

And I’m here to help you do the same.

If you want to get your shit together, Sophie is the one to help you do that. Be prepared to transform your life.
— - Krupa Shikotra, Yoga Teacher


You're earning more than you ever thought possible from the work you truly love to do

You unlock a confidence in yourself you didn't know existed and you're fierce about where you're spending your energy 

You're seen as an expert at what you do, are in demand and your dream clients flock to you

You work with clients that feel like friends and make an incredible impact on them

You're able to travel the world, save up for your dream home, wedding, puppy...all while working on a business you love

You're invited on to podcasts, blogs, speaking opportunities and expert sessions

You have true freedom over how you spend your time!

I’ll drink to that!

Curious how this works?


Join me for this life-changing programme and you’ll receive:

  • An in-depth deep dive questionnaire to begin exploring yourself, your dreams, your desires, your fears - this is just the start of your self-discovery and self-enquiry journey

  • 1 x 90 minute immersive kickstarter session (to uncover what you’re craving for your life, what’s missing, where you really desire to be, and what’s getting in the way)

  • 10 x bi-weekly 60-90 minute coaching sessions over 6 months (you’ll have me by your side to help you unpack, explore and reignite the confidence in yourself to activate the things you want, and to get fierce about making it happen every step of the way.)

  • 24/7 Weekday Voxer/Whatsapp & Email support (anything ya need, Monday to Friyay! No need to 'save things up' for sessions - we can bust through in the interim!)

  • Session notes & recommended tools - optional tools and ‘homework’ between sessions to ensure you are constantly supported and have plenty of space for self-exploration

  • Plus, access to a hub of business tools - from Marketing 101 to Business Building Guides, Client Scripts, Social Media 101, Press Outreach Emails, Confidence Activation Meditations & Pep Talks - if I've used it, loved it, created it - it's yours!


+ An in-person VIP Day at a luxury location (WORTH £950 ALONE) - Me + You, an in-person day of breakthrough coaching, where we’ll dive into your vision, supporting you to get really clear and invigorated about what you want, and break through the limits that are holding you back right now. (Complete with lunch and champagne, naturally!)


Sessions are completely bespoke to you and what you need, but here’s a flavour of what we can work through together:


   1. Clarity & Focus

  • Getting really clear on your desires and dreams and your why behind them so you can head towards them with purpose!

  • Harnessing dedication and consistency with purpose and fierce focus so you can meet your goals

  • Building and maintaining momentum and harnessing your drive and perseverance to keep you on track  

  • Getting clear and specific on your own version of success so you can make it happen and fulfil your own dreams

  • How to stay in your own lane and not let ‘comparisonitis’ or fear of judgement on social media take hold of yourself and your soul


4. Practical Power-Hours

  • Sessions of practical action, from Money Management, Marketing, Social Media Marketing Plan, Website Creation, Online Visibility, Copywriting, Social Media Scheduling, PR & Getting You Featured In Magazines  - we can get together with creative juices flowing to create your savings plan / strategy / action plan

  • Tools to master full-force motivation and momentum every step of the way


   2. Confidence, Support & Momentum

  • Confidence upgrades to help you expand your belief in yourself, so you can back yourself instead of attack yourself every step of the way

  • Having a co-creation partner and sounding board to keep you focused and on track and to keep momentum high and help you remind yourself of the end goal

  • Self-celebration and acknowledging your incredible achievements so you can feel like a master action-taker and results-driven superstar all the live long day!

  • How to back yourself and honour yourself so you feel supercharged with confidence

  • How to confidently show up online and share the work you do

  • Setting clear and fierce boundaries so you are in control, rather than the other way around

  • Becoming ‘the boss’ in your business - where you set the rules, create healthy boundaries, and feel great in being friendly yet firm in what you are and aren’t available for with clients

  • Eliminating the core fears that are holding you back, and reprogramming your brain to let go of preconceived ideas and feel excited about working on dream client projects


    3. Diving Deep

  • Getting ‘under the bonnet’ of the real limiting beliefs and blocks and patterns that are getting in your way and how to rewire them for positive change

  • Uncovering what’s standing in the way between where you are now and where you want to be, and how to bridge that gap with ease

  • Neuro-linguistic programming techniques to eliminate those negative patterns and voices once and for all so you can feel empowered, secure and in control

  • Insightful and intuitive coaching that will help you ‘go there’ with your fears and release them so you can step into your most confident self and own your intense power



3 MONTHS - £2497

6 MONTHS - £3497


Drop me an email to to be added to the waitlist for when I re-open the doors!

I’m hell-bent on helping you succeed. And you’re about to uncover a confidence in yourself you’ve never known before.

But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what my clients are saying:

“If you'd have told me in January I'd be smashing my financial targets, living the dream life with a gorgeous puppy and fiancée and planning an incredible wedding I'd have laughed in your face. I was head-on-desk stressed out and wouldn't even dare think about doing anything that wasn't working. All the overwhelm means sticking your head in the sand and hoping it'll go away right?!

Sophie helped me see what was holding me back, what was making me feel terrible and helped me feel empowered enough to release it. And now? I'm working when and where I feel like it, booking some holidays and looking at growing the #dreamteam to enable us to work with even more beautiful businesses!”

- Laura Cutress, Brand Strategist and Founder of Anchor & Dash



I wouldn’t describe it as just coaching as it became so much more. It was difficult at times because you really start to evaluate yourself including your fears and flaws. After that you just are more in control of your life and business. Sophie’s coaching gives you the confidence and tools to take your business and life to the next level..the level you are totally ready for without even knowing it! 

If you want to get your shit together..Sophie is the one to help you do this. Be prepared to transform your life.

I learnt that I was actually already a pretty successful being and also not to be too hard on myself and knowing that it's ok to have chill time and also ok to have dark times.

Before we worked together I was wrapped up and worried about things that were insignificant and also self hating quite alot.

Now I’m content with the way my business is going and impressed at how far I’ve come and almost can’t believe I’m achieving as much as I am and how many doors have opened for me.

Most importantly, I now believe in myself.

Thank you Sophie for making me...see me. You’re real and I wouldn’t have had the balls to do the things I do now if it wasn’t for you!

- Krupa Shikotra, Yoga Teacher

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_Sophie opens your eyes to all the possibilities you didn't believe were there before. I gained a new confidence I didn't know I had, discovered passions I didn't know I had. It put me on an exciting new path. I'm so.png

A final note from me:

If you’ve reached this point on the page, I know you’re feeling stuck and want to find a way forward, fast. You want to stop the hustle, eradicate the anxiety, and get really fierce about what you want and how to make it happen. You want a business that is streamlined, so you're fully focused, and reaping the rewards. And you’re sick of being held back by the negative thoughts in your head.

Can you imagine getting to the end of yet another month feeling resentful of your business? I don’t want that for you. I’m so incredibly passionate about helping you find the self-belief and unshakeable confidence in yourself that means you can be, do, have and create anything you want. It’s time for you to invest in yourself, your business and your life. It’s time for you to live your full potential. It’s time to stop groaning about your day, and grinning about it instead.

Ready to take back control and be the boss? Book your complimentary coaching session below to explore your possibilities!


What happens once the six months is over?

This program is designed to set up for success way beyond our time together. My focus is to equip you with all the tools and confidence you need to reach your goals so you no longer need me.

I don’t have much time as it is, how much time will I need to commit?

This programme asks you to make time for yourself - for a minimum of 2 hours per week (for coaching session + post-session recommended work/reading) - it is designed to provide you with all the information you need, in easy to digest sections that you can go through at a time that suits you. Though I must add, if you’re sick of feeling the way you do and truly want to make the change, you will find a way to make this time for yourself, and this is something I’m happy to help you along with.

I’m worried about making the investment

I totally get it. Investing in anything, especially on yourself (when you’ve probably forgotten what that feels like) can feel worrying. What I would invite you to think about is how much your dreams mean to you, and what will happen if everything stays exactly the same? Whilst it’s your personal decision to make, what I can say is that the work we do together is designed to boost your confidence, vastly improve your relationship with yourself and those around you and shift your lifestyle forever, and be FUN too - so does that sound like a pretty worthwhile way to spend your money?

I don’t feel like I deserve this

I’ve been there and I get it. You’re so used to caring for others, that focusing on YOU isn’t something you’re used to. What I can promise is that you absolutely deserve this. Your life is precious, and it should be lived with joy, and you more than anyone deserves to feel great in yourself. It’s your time.

I’ve bought courses / programmes before and I don’t stick to them

Unlike other programmes you may have purchased before, this includes my personal 1:1 accountability, which is a powerful tool to ensure you do the work and invest the amount of energy required to make sure this program has a big impact on you, your mind and your life. My main focus is your success, so believe me, I won’t let you fail.

I want things to change, but the thought also scares me

As human beings, we are always resistant to change, because change keeps us comfortable. In order to get past this totally normal resistance, I’d invite you to ask yourself: which is more terrifying - the thought of change, or the thought of staying exactly the same and continuing in a spiral of self-doubt? I’m assuming it’s the latter, which means you’re so ready for this change, and I’m here to support you every step of the way.