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You can have all the marketing strategy, the 5-step formulas and the prettiest Instagram in the world.

But if you’re not confident in how brilliant you are on the inside, you’re not going to be showing up in the way you’re truly capable of on the outside.


People are thirsty for the work you do. But while you’ve been hiding, they’ve been drinking elsewhere.

Let’s tap into your own cocktail of magic and magnificence, so you can pour it out to the world.

(champagne popping mandatory.)

- -

Hi, I’m Sophie, a mindset maven + message mastery coach for female business owners who are ready to step into the spotlight, own their signature cocktail of brilliance, and have their VIP clients queuing out the door.

How We Can Work Together


1:1 Mindset & Message Coaching

Get ready to flip the switch on your mind so you can obliterate those blocks holding you back once and for all. Activate your confidence, map out your big dreams, and get realigned with the things you really really want, so you can feel on-fire excited and ready to do the damn things!

This is the intensive programme where we work together over time, to support you in transforming your business & life from vision to fruition.


1:1 Magic Activation VIP Day

If you’ve lost direction and want to get razor-sharp clarity on what’s next, if you know you can’t keep going the way you have been (head-on-desk-exhausted) and need both the confidence and the strategy for a business overhaul, or if you’ve been struck by the poison of underwhelm and stuckery and want a turbo-boost of passion back, this Magic Activation VIP Day is the antidote.

Imagine getting out of your own head and laying alllll those thoughts out on the table, being supported to clear the murkiness and put them in order, and wrapping them up with an action plan teamed with a transformative dose of magic.


3 Day Group Mastermind

The Business Badassery & Magic Activation Hub. A 3-day experience where we’ll connect, vision, and get sh*t done. A beautiful combo of dreaming big & making it happen.

Think: immersive training on your mindset, marketing, money & action, devoted ‘action-taking’ each day, blissful yoga on the sea-view deck, delicious food, amazing company, and probably some kombucha-concoctions and angel cards.

The Firestarter Circle

A private online members club designed specifically for women who are committed to doing things that scare the sh*t out of them, owning their brilliance, living bigger, being braver and proving the ‘can’t’ in their head wrong over and over again.


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