How To Crush The 'Can't' In Your Head


In this full-day confidence activation workshop, you’ll learn about the power of your mind, how the ‘can’t’ in your head is holding you back and how to rewire your brain for less of the mean, more of the self-assured magnificence. 

You’ll have the time, space and powerful teaching into deep-dive enquiry so you can figure out what it is you really want, teamed with a fill-up of your self-belief bottle and a practical master plan to bring your wants to life. 

As well as a life coach, I’m a neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, which means I’ve got secret simple tools in the heels of my leopard print boots to share with you on how you can really get down to the core of what’s going on in your mind, and change it so you can back yourself instead of attack yourself. You’ll be fully equipped with a mindset boosting toolkit to fuel your self-belief cup whenever you need it. 

Anything is possible for you - but you have to believe it first. So I'll be sharing how you can quieten those fears in your mind that tell you you 'can't' do something, as well as teaching you some powerful tools for changing the limiting beliefs you put on yourself, and turning them into empowering beliefs that help you, instead of hinder you. 

You'll get clear on the things you want, learn how to believe they're possible (and why that's so important!), and find out how you can 'get out of your own way' in order to achieve the things you dream of. 


Think about it: the only thing that ever really stops you doing the things you want to do is, well, you - right? So you're going to walk away with a confidence toolkit you can apply to your life and business at any time to shut down your 'mean voice' when it starts to take over and hold you back.

And what does that mean: 

+ No more dismissing your dreams for ‘one day’ or ‘maybe not for me’ 

+ No more underselling yourself in your work

+ No more undermining what you’re truly capable of 

+ No more keeping quiet about what you desire 

+ No more feeling lost and confused about what’s next

Because the best bit? You don’t have to listen to that mean voice in your head anymore. She’s been the star of the show for WAY too long, and she’s been holding you back from a shit-load of beautiful things you could be experiencing in your one wild and precious life. 

And it’s time for the real, bloody brilliant, “I can effing do this” kind of you to creep out from behind the curtain and take centre stage.


Get ready to moonwalk out of your cosy city haven with the kind of confidence you thought was only reserved for Christina Aguilera in Lady Marmalade, the kind of clarity on what you really want as fierce and clear as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, and the kind of fierce and focused action steps to make it happen as Jessica Ennis on game day. 

You'll learn:

+ How to get clear on what you want for yourself + your life

+ How to back yourself, instead of attack yourself! 

+ How to start believing in yourself and owning your worth 

+ How to be fierce about where you're spending your time and energy (see: boundaries!) 

+ How to uncover the blocks that are getting in the way of what you really want 

+ How to head towards your desires with an air of unstoppable surrounding you! (See: making it happen, nmw!) 

All while meeting a gorgeous group of women who are in exactly the same boat as you! YAY NEW FRIENDS! 

Here's what some of our previous attendees said:

"It was amazing! Such a wonderful group of supportive, like-minded people, and feeling uplifted, full of excitement and possibility! I can't express how wonderful Sophie is, you need to see for yourself. So personable and understanding and helpful!" 

"Felt like a different person after listening to you in this workshop."

"Sophie, tonight was fantastic. I feel so empowered after it!" 

"Sophie, what can I say, last night was so insightful, it's like you've unlocked a door in my head and opened it right up, thank you!" 

"The evening has taught me just how powerful my mind is, thank you for opening my mind to thinking in a different way."

"Yet again you blew me away Sophie. This is the second time doing this workshop and it was just as powerful. You are amazing and inspire everyone with everything you do. I wouldn't have had the courage to take this leap without your support and belief."

"Feeling really emotional but in such a good way. I'm ready to actually learn to feel grateful for what I have and STOP just thinking about what I 'should' do and achieve."

"A brilliantly inspiring day to start thinking positively about yourself at whatever stage you're at in your journey. Sophie is full of thought-busting knowledge, and being so open with the other ladies in a similar position is such a great comfort to make positive change."

"I absolutely loved the workshop today and left feeling so positive and inspired. I want to do it all over again! Can't wait for the next one! Thank you so much for all your guidance and inspiration!" 


I can't wait to see you there & give you an IRL squeeze! 


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