Instagram Impact


Because you don’t need thousands of followers to make thousands of pounds

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Imagine if all that time and energy you spend posting and scrolling on Instagram actually turned into sales!

It can!

How do I know?

Well, to date, I’ve run my business almost entirely via Instagram, have built connections, relationships and attracted premium clients and incredible opportunities. I know it can be a total minefield, but I also know how powerful it can be when you get it right, so in this masterclass I want to share with you how it’s really not about the numbers, but rather the content you’re putting out there, the connections you’re making and how to turn those into conversions.

Instagram - a free marketing platform - can literally be your golden ticket to building your business, when you know how to use it and utilise it in a way that works for you. When you get very intentional about it AND enjoy it too (yep, it’s possible!)

But first we gotta face facts: no-one is going to come knocking at your door asking about what you do. You have to knock on THEIR door and let them know!

Less like a door to door salesman or a nerdy charity worker who guilts you into spending £7 a month for all of eternity on a charity you’re not sure even exists.

But more like the hot neighbour that just moved in and brings you a basket of spinach and feta parcels and says: “there’s more where they came from” with a wink.

(Okay, maybe not as creepy as that. But you get the picture?)

Look, I know you’re on Instagram ALL OF THE TIME. That you’re spending a lot of hours of your life staring into this little grid. And yet the results? Nowhere to be seen!

You feel like you’re doing all of the things (or know deep down you’re not doing any of the things) and want to feel like you’re making progress and seeing a return on your, let’s face it, crazy amount of time and energy investment!

You don’t have to keep feeling like you’re shouting into the abyss.

You can make an impact on Instagram.

And you can turn your conversations and connections into clients.

Your follower number really doesn’t create clients or make money.

But the things I’m sharing in this masterclass do...


Instagram Impact: How To Sell Yourself & Your Services

In this power-packed 2 hour online masterclass, you’re going to receive:

  • How to talk about you and the work you do in a way that feels great, not gross

  • How to STAND OUT on a platform that is swamped

  • How to turn connections and conversations into conversions and clients

  • How to master the balance between providing and promoting

  • Powerful as well as practical ways to build a community that pays attention

You’ll leave with a breakdown on what to share, how to share it, and plenty of tips and techniques to get your instagram efforts working for you!

  • No more giving everything you’ve got for zero results

  • No more feeling like you’re doing all of the things and just want to be seen already and then feeling a bit needy and gross and beating yourself up about it

  • No more holding yourself back from sharing your awesome work because you feel like a used car salesman and that you’re going to be burnt at the stake for mentioning your offers

  • No more feeling like you’re talking to a brick wall and ‘is anyone even out there?’ and ‘shall I just give up already?’

  • No more sad and lonely bank account that feels increasingly like a black hole of worry and feeds your ‘will this ever work?’ doubt you suspect your family are also sneakily asking

If you’re ready to start turning your pretty pictures into pounds, your captions into clients, and to make an impact on Instagram that grows both your business and your bank balance, this masterclass training is for you.